The Strongest Members Of Fairy Tail, Ranked According To Strength

Fairy Tail is an anime based around magic and guilds of mages who take on missions and set out on adventures. Each guild, legal or not, is distinguished by their morals, tattooed symbols, and members.

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As its title suggests, Fairy Tail is one of the strongest guilds of the anime. This is due to both a strong foundation set by the first guild master and the unwavering hearts and strength of the members themselves. While members like Happy and Macao are some of the weakest characters in the series, there are also plenty of Fairy Tail members whose powers go far beyond the average mage. Here are the ten strongest members of the Fairy Tail guild.

10 Makarov

Makarov may look old and tiny, but he should never be underestimated. He is not only the highly respected guild master but also one of the Ten Wizard Saints, who are some of the most powerful mages ever.

To make up for his petite and frail figure, Makarov's magic involves him transforming into a muscular giant who can smash anything in his way. In addition, he has used Fairy Law on multiple occasions to defeat anyone he deems as his enemy, including Phantom Lord's Jose and the bulk of Zeref's Alvarez army. Though he might've been the strongest in Fairy Tail at one point, his sacrifice in the war against Alvarez sadly left him confined to a wheelchair.

9 Wendy

Wendy is another tiny character who is often underestimated for how she looks. As a well-mannered young girl with the twin tail hairstyle, one would never suspect that she is actually a mighty dragon slayer like Natsu, Laxus, and Gajeel.

Unlike most of the other dragon slayers who prioritize sheer power with every attack, Wendy is known for specializing in supportive magic like healing and enchantments. Some of these enchantments power-up her allies and herself, while her more complex enchantments are up to par with a master enchanter and creator of dragon slayer magic, Irene.

8 Lucy

As a collector of Celestial Keys, Lucy's strength is not only dependent on her own magic powers but also that of the Celestial Spirits she summons. With the help of her many Celestial Spirit friends, Lucy is one of the more versatile mages of Fairy Tail.

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Though she initially relied a lot on her Celestial Spirits to fight on her behalf, Lucy eventually learns to fight alongside her allies with her Star Dress spells and infamous "Lucy Kick". It is also worth noting that Lucy can use an immense amount of magic to summon multiple Spirits at once, even summoning the Celestial Spirit King himself in a tough battle against Tartaros.

7 Gajeel

Before joining Fairy Tail, Gajeel was part of Phantom Lord, where he already had the status of an S-Class mage. After Gajeel's defeat against fellow dragon Slayer, Natsu, he decides to join forces with Fairy Tail.

As a dragon slayer whose magic centers around iron, Gajeel is able to manipulate the metal however he wishes. More often than not, he turns his own body parts into iron weapons such as sturdy lances and swords that resemble chainsaws. This allows Gajeel to take on a bold style of combat that works well with his pure physical strength.

6 Laxus

As the grandson of an elite mage like Makarov, it's only natural for Laxus to be blessed with extraordinary magic potential. He is one of the rare arrogant characters who can live up to the strength he boasts about.

Unlike Natsu and other dragon slayers who were raised by actual dragons, Laxus's dragon slayer magic was artificially implanted into him with a Dragon Lacrima. Despite this, Laxus has proven himself to be one of the strongest dragon slayers with his lightning magic. And he only grew stronger once he let go of his large ego and instead began prioritizing his comrades.

5 Mirajane

In contrast to her usual sweet and angelic appearance, Mirajane's Take Over magic is ruthless and demonic. She can not only absorb the powers and appearances of other demons but also unleash her own signature Satan Soul form.

With Satan Soul, Mirajan literally becomes a demon. She sprouts a tail and wings for more agility, and her overall strength is boosted to demonic levels. Fitting to the edgy demonic aesthetic, she is also an avid user of dark magic and has used it to take down fellow demons like Tartaros's Seilah. Ironically, Mirajan's only weakness is her younger brother, Elfman, as revealed in the battle against Wall of Spriggan 12.

4 Gray

Driven with motivation from both ends of a spectrum, Gray has trained rigorously in order to achieve his goals. On one hand, he wished to avenge his beloved teacher, Ur, who had sacrificed her life in an effort to stop the deadly Deliora. On the other hand, his friendly rivalry with Natsu encouraged him to grow stronger while not losing sight of those he cares about.

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Through his intense training, Gray became an excellent mage far beyond the basics of his Ice-Make magic. In addition to learning the fatal Iced Shell spell that would sacrifice his life to seal his victim in ice, he also developed his own devil slayer magic which is very convenient against any demon.

3 Erza

Enduring a horrifying childhood before finding a home in Fairy Tail, it is apparent that Erza's undying fighting spirit is what makes her truly strong.

With her vast collection of armor and weapons, Erza often comes across more like a swordsman than a mage. However, her instantaneous Requip magic allows her to freely call upon any of her prized equipment to best fit the demands of the current battle situation. Beyond her Requip magic, Erza mostly relies on her perfected swordsmanship skills and her will to protect her friends and never give up.

2 Natsu

Beyond being the protagonist of the series, Natsu is strong enough to be one of the strongest characters in anime. He has fought and defeated some of the most feared mages out there, proving the limitless potential to his strength time after time.

In addition to his fire dragon slayer magic, Natsu fights with his emotions. Often when all hope appears to be lost, he has a habit of pulling strength from his friendships, triggering a surge of power that will undoubtedly win him the battle. This is how Natsu became strong enough to defeat the most powerful villains, Zeref and Acnologia, who were undefeatable up until that point.

1 Gildarts

With the title "Ace of Fairy Tail", it's no secret that Gildarts is considered Fairy Tail's strongest mage. Although he often acts recklessly and irresponsibly, he is heavily relied upon by his fellow guild members with his unique Crush magic.

Gildart's Crush magic literally crushes anything he touches, including other magic. This means he can not only weaken his opponent's magic to the point of uselessness but also crush his opponent with ease. In the war against Alvarez, Gildarts pushed his strength to an even higher level by taking on a revived God Serena, who was ranked as the strongest mage of the continent, and August, who was even stronger.

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