Son Of A Hulk: The 15 STRONGEST Kids There Is

Son of Hulk

The Hulks have long been thought of as some of the strongest beings in the Marvel Universe. They've clashed with some the biggest and the baddest in the Nine Realms, conquered or fought for entire worlds, survived apocalyptic scenarios and taken over post-apocalyptic Wastelands. The likes of Bruce Banner, Jennifer Walters and Thunderbolt Ross are plenty strong, so one would imagine that their kids would be strong as well. Yeah, that's right. Hulks have kids too.

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This list breaks down 15 of the strongest Hulk kids in existence, from the direct descendants of Bruce Banner, to the cloned creations of mad scientists using Hulk DNA. These kids have met some of the toughest forces in the universe, teaming up with the Silver Surfer, working for S.H.I.E.L.D. or spitting in Galactus' face. Some of them have even gone toe-to-toe with their own parents. Keep in mind, this list doesn't include the Hulks themselves, so while Red Hulk and She-Hulk would definitely rank as some of the toughest out there, you won't find them on this list. For a collection of beings that could sit on the sun, one can only hope that these kids will stay on the side of good. Unfortunately, as you'll see here, that isn't always the case.

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As one of the future relatives of the Hulk seen in the original Old Man Logan’s Wastelands, Charlie Banner doesn’t have too much in common with his ancestry. You’ll find he has more in common with pop punk bands from the mid-2000s than the Incredible Hulk, except for one thing -- he apparently has Hulk-like strength. Don’t let the spiked collar or emo hair flip fool you, Charlie Banner is not one you want to mess with.

As part of the Hulk Gang, Charlie threatens Logan and his family because he claims they’re late on their rent. Then, he and a couple of Hulks beat Logan up and threaten to kill his family if they don’t double their payment the following month.


For those familiar with the Grey Hulk, a more intelligent, Bruce Banner-controlled version of the Hulk, the cloned Kluh might come as a bit of a surprise. Created by Xemnu in an attempt to, you guessed it, kill the Hulk, Kluh is essentially a somehow smarter version of Grey Hulk, though his powerset is a bit more vast.

While he doesn’t sport the same strength or durability as a Green Hulk, Kluh possesses the obvious stamina enhancements, invulnerability and regeneration skills of the Hulk, but he can also use telekinesis. Sadly, Kluh is cut down in his prime by the Compound Hulk, an amalgamation of Thunderbolt Ross and Bruce Banner’s Hulk personas as part of a backfired plan by the Impossible Man.


Hey look! Another clone created by a supervillain. We know you hate technicalities, so we promise there won't be too many clones after this entry. Behemoth, first and only appearing in the pages of Heroes for Hire #12, is a clone duplicate of the Hulk created by the Master of the World in an attempt to, you guessed it, master the world. Go figure.

Master of the World’s main goal was to create clones of the different Heroes for Hire, including Iron Fist, Ant-Man and even She-Hulk, but his Behemoth rose above the rest, sporting the powers of the Hulk, which include superhuman strength, durability and regenerative abilities. Unfortunately, Behemoth was killed in an explosion on Hydra Island, but at least we’ll always have that one good look at his sweet costume.


Betty Ross, longtime partner of Bruce Banner and daughter of Thunderbolt Ross, actually becomes a Hulk herself. And, being that she’s the daughter of Red Hulk, Ross takes a well-earned spot on this list. She first appears with powers as Harpy in Incredible Hulk #168, created after a gamma radiation experiment by M.O.D.O.K. leaves her with wings, green skin and energy projection powers.

Later, Ross appears as Red She-Hulk after the events of World War Hulk as part of a team of bounty hunters led by Red Hulk to take down Domino. When Hulked out, Betty has enhanced intelligence, strength, speed and durability, and is fairly skilled with sais and other sharp objects. With two superhuman personas under her belt, Betty Ross easily makes the list as one of the strongest.


Hiro-Kala is one of two children that Hulk fathered during his time on Sakaar and the events of Planet Hulk. Kala is the son of both Bruce Banner and Caiera, the Shadow Queen. After surviving the destruction of Sakaar, he and his brother then conquered the planet and set off into space, and Kala himself took on Galactus after the Devourer consumed Sakaar.

Kala’s powers are different from that of a normal Hulk, and are focused more on The Old Power, a trait inherited from his mother. Kala can use force fields to change forms, twist elements and redirect them, and can even reform his body after parts of it are destroyed. He’s also a skilled swordsman and fighter, but there’s only one Hulk kid that can take him down and that's his brother, Skaar.


This Bruce Banner is a clone of the man himself created by Victor Von Doom in an attempt to separate the consciousness of the Hulk from the original Bruce Banner. In doing so, Doom removed parts of the Hulk’s brain that were identified as being Banner, and put them into a cloned body.

This new, cloned Bruce is just a regular old scientist, lacking even the base physiology to become the Hulk, should Banner choose to try his Hulk experiment again -- which he does. The original Hulk is then tasked with killing this Banner clone before he can “recreate” his Hulk experiment on an island where he’s raised a collection of gamma-irradiated monsters, and Banner is ultimately vaporized by a gamma bomb, unable to absorb its radiation.


Bruce Willis Sylvester Chan might be one of the weakest, weirdest-named and most mysterious of the Hulk kids on this list. Why? Well, he only appeared in one issue, The Abominations #3, and is a child. While his parentage has neither been completely confirmed nor referenced since, Chan is thought to be the son of the Maestro, a super-powerful Hulked-out Banner from the future.

Not much at all is known about Chan other than that his namesake(s), Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone and Jackie Chan, leave the little guy with a lot to live up to. Fortunately enough, being the son of a Hulk means there’s great power in his future. But let’s be real -- he’s not coming back anytime soon.


Another member of the famed Hulk Gang, Beau Banner at least looks a lot more dangerous than Charlie. That aside, Beau is part of a crew that is seen celebrating the death (by their hands) of Logan’s family in Old Man Logan. Otis Banner, seen earlier in OML, may or may not be the same character as Beau (they look identical in the book), so for the sake of this list, they share an entry.

While we never get to see Beau or Otis fight per se, their physiology implies much more of a Hulk-like power set. Unfortunately, when Logan comes knocking for answers to the death of his family, he ends up strapping a fairly large package of C-4 to Beau and sends him back into the Hulk Gang lair, seemingly killing a handful of them. You go, Logan.


While the circumstances of Daydream’s conception are awfully grim, this daughter of Betty Ross (Red She-Hulk) and the dream-creeping demon lord Nightmare, is a force to be reckoned with. Daydream takes on the name Gwen (unique, huh?) when she is sent to Earth and becomes a popular singer. Of course, Daydream also carries a collection of her father’s powers with her.

She can enter both the dreams and daydreams of humans and has the ability to shape and re-shape reality at will -- to an extent. After all, she is still part-human. Daydream can also teleport, making her dream-jumping powers that much harder to track. While she doesn’t sport any inherent Hulk powers from her mother, her demon lineage arguably makes her one of the stronger Hulk kids.


Weirdly enough, not much is known about She-Clone, a headless, awfully scary-looking clone of Jennifer Walters, the She-Hulk. However, the little bit that is known has her sporting the same powers as Walters and the ability to be controlled electronically, inherently making She-Clone one of the strongest Hulk “kids” out there.

In a similar fashion to Bruce Willis Sylvester Chan, She-Clone only appears once, in Sensational She-Hulk #3. Created by two doctors of the Headmen in attempt to bring back one of their colleagues, She-Clone is the result of their insane other goals instead of just a human clone. Why they chose to clone She-Hulk, age said clone and then put their friend’s head on that clone remains to be seen, but She-Clone is said to have been destroyed shortly after the capture and detention of the Headmen.


For the history and power of Nerd Hulk, we’ll have to dip our toes into the now-defunct Marvel Ultimate Universe. Nerd Hulk is a clone of Bruce Banner’s Hulk created by Tony Stark’s brother, Gregory. While Nerd Hulk sports both the super-strength of the original Hulk and the enhanced intelligence of Bruce Banner, he’s a much more timid Hulk and way less unpredictable.

After a few failed attempts to join the Avengers and the Ultimates, Nerd Hulk is attacked by a horde of vampires, becoming one himself. After transforming into the villainous Vampire King, now with the added horror of vampire powers on top of his Hulkness, Nerd Hulk is beaten down, burned alive and decapitated by Captain America. Gruesome, sure, but Nerd Hulk remains one of the strongest Hulk “kids” around.


While mostly speculative, Carmilla Black is thought to be the daughter of Bruce Banner and Advanced Idea Mechanics Scientist Supreme Monica Rappaccini. Black, going by the name Scorpion, sports a mutated arm known as her “stinger” and the ability to discharge poison from it. Early on, she accidentally killed one of her boyfriends and went into hiding to avoid the backlash.

Black has worked with AIM, S.H.I.E.L.D. and Hydra as an agent, and spent much of her time trying to discover the mystery behind her “real” parentage. Aside from her stinger, Black has the ability to absorb harmful chemicals, neutralize superpowers and remain in peak physical condition. She’s also a master martial artist, spy and investigator, making it more than clear that she rises above and beyond most of the other Hulk “kids.”


Lyra is the daughter of Bruce Banner and Thundra, and is the second member of the Hulk family to sport the She-Hulk name. After spending time as a warrior from Tundra’s dimensions, Lyra heads to Earth-616 to find a suitable mate. There, she becomes a sort of hero, later working as an agent of A.R.M.O.R.

Her powers include obvious Hulk attributes like superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility and an enhanced healing factor, but she can also use her heightened senses to find weakness in her enemies, much like the Inhuman Karnak. Billed as her “unstoppable” Gamma Sight, Lyra’s lineage and warrior-like breeding makes her one the strongest forces not only among the Hulks, but also of the Marvel Universe in general.


While not much is known about Bruce Banner Jr., it’s inferred from the events of Old Man Logan that he is a direct descendant of Bruce Banner and Betty Ross. While Logan takes him as his own at the end of the original comic, we don’t hear much after that. That is, until Logan makes his appearance in the main Marvel Universe.

There we learn, courtesy of Kang the Conqueror, that in Logan’s absence, Banner Jr. has grown to look and act like Maestro, one of the strongest incarnations of the Hulk in the Marvel Universe. He’s also said to be the Warlord of the Wastelands, something Logan realizes is due to his dimensional joyride and absence. With an adopted father in Wolverine and a lineage that includes Bruce Banner himself, Banner Jr. may be the most pure fighting force on this list.


Billed by many as the one true son of the Hulk, Skaar is the son of Bruce Banner and the Shadow Queen Caiera, and brother to Hiro-Kala. His Hulked out appearance and power set rival his father’s, even retaining the ability to change in and out of his human form to retain a secret identity. In addition to his great strength, speed, durability and intelligence, Skaar also retains the aforementioned Old Power, allowing him to control tectonic energies, summon lava and magma and partake in energy projection.

He’s a force to be reckoned with who has spent time with the Avengers, fought the Juggernaut and clashed with the greatest warriors of Sakaar. All that and more make Skaar the top pick for the strongest Hulk kid there is.

Did we miss any other little Hulklings? Let us know your favorite Hulk kid in the comments below.

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