The 25 Strongest DC Superheroes, Officially Ranked

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Perhaps the biggest difference between DC and Marvel is their depiction of superpowers. While many characters at Marvel are either transformed or cursed by their powers, superheroes at DC Comics are glorified and worshipped as gods. Both publishers have their fair share of powerhouse superheroes able to lift entire buildings out of the ground, catch planes falling from the sky, and accomplish the impossible. Marvel does street-level vigilantism very well with Spider-Man, Daredevil, and Luke Cage, but it also has the Avengers and an entire cosmic armada of characters. DC, meanwhile, seems to pump out all-powerful character after all-powerful character because at the end of the day, it’s hard to top Superman.

When writers and artists aren’t focusing most of their time on Batman stories, DC Comics can really make the traditional superhero adventure feel new again. A hero with amazing powers and super strength swoops in and makes the impossible a reality. Whether it’s the Justice League, Justice Society, Legion of Super-Heroes, or from the depths of the DC Universe, the publisher has a tremendous supply of the most powerful superheroes in existence. Sure, creators don’t have the Hulk to play with, but they do have Superman, Wonder Woman, Shazam, and a lot more. From super-powered alien to demigod to cosmic god, here are the 25 strongest DC superheroes officially ranked.


Comic book fans have always wondered what it would be like if Superman had a kid. There are several Elseworld tales that have explored this idea. In most instances, the son of Superman is something of an all-powerful being, and someone who changes the superhero game forever. However, the truth is totally different. Introduced with the beginning of DC’s Rebirth era, Jonathan Samuel Kent is just an 10-year-old kid trying to figure out who he is and where he stands in the great DC Universe.

He’s no messiah and not some monster of science, he’s just a good kid learning how to use his powers for the first time.

Despite his age, his best friend Damian Wayne has put him to work as a superhero in the making. He has all the superpowers of Superman, just on a much smaller scale. That means he can still lift incredibly heavy objects and his punch pack quite a wallop, it’s just that he doesn’t have as much control over his abilities. Even Superman started off as a kid just trying to figure things out, so in the years to come, we could see Superboy grow into his abilities just like his father did. Whether his half-human DNA will allow him to become just as strong is yet to be seen.


Super strength in superheroes is such a common occurrence. Now there’s even a pill that you can take to make you stronger. The superhero Hourman could gain super strength with the use of the drug known as Miraclo. Used by Rex Tyler and then his son Rick, Hourman could become super strong for one hour at a time and became a longstanding member of the Justice Society of America. Despite his strength, Hourman was never anything close to the powerhouse someone like Superman is considered to be. He wasn’t even the strongest member of his own team, but he could sure throw a punch.

While the one hour window definitely takes major points away from Hourman, Rick Tyler’s experience under the hood made the character a little more dangerous. The Miraclo drug proved to be addictive, making his superhero career dangerous. However, once he gave it up, he realized that his body had internalized the effects of the medication, allowing him to power up for one hour without the need to swallow anything. The character went from being able to lift cars over his head to going toe-to-toe with the likes of Black Adam. Maybe he’s not the strongest here, but he definitely qualifies as most improved over the years.


Aquaman 31 cover header

Super strength is not a power that is usually associated with someone like Aquaman. When he’s not considered to be a complete joke of a superhero, he is usually associated with his powers to communicate with sea life and swim really, really fast. However, if you think about, he has to be incredibly strong just to be able to swim well and survive at the vast depths of the ocean that Atlantis sits in. It is this conditioning that allows Aquaman to throw quite the punch when he’s in the heat of battle, so watch who you’re laughing at.

Just how strong is Aquaman in the grand scheme of things? He’s actually been seen capable of punching Superman in the face. Instead of breaking his hand, like what would happen to any normal person who did that, Aquaman has sent the Man of Steel flying. Once was during the “Throne of Atlantis” storyline in the New 52 Justice League series. The other incident occurred when Superman confronted Aquaman over his relationship with the United States. Even in Justice League, Jason Momoa’s depiction of the character saw him as something of a defiant brawler. If you got in his way, he was going to punch you. He did some damage to Darkseid’s Parademon army.



Many of the most iconic superheroes have their own sidekicks. In the case of Wonder Woman, each new sidekick seems to be a dilution of the original hero. While Diana may have been one of the strongest superheroes in the DC Universe, Donna Troy, the first Wonder Girl, was just a little less powerful. Introduced as the daughter of Zeus and a true demigoddess, Cassie Sandsmark possesses incredible powers. However, given her age, she is also just a little less powerful than Donna Troy. From her time as a member of Young Justice to her graduation to the Teen Titans, Cassie has become a stronger and more effective hero. Given the power of her future self in the Titans of Tomorrow, Wonder Girl has some serious raw potential.

She has even shown the ability to overpower her boyfriend Superboy!

Over the span of her career, she has tackled many different powerful forces in battle. She has shown the ability to overpower her boyfriend Superboy, when such an act has been required. She has also beaten up Match, an ugly Bizarro-like clone of Superboy who was an out of control powerhouse. Wonder Girl has also wiped the floor with powerful villains like Major Force and Mammoth of the Fearsome Five. If she could just return to publication in the post-Rebirth landscape, Cassie could probably do some serious damage.


Back in the early 1990s, DC Comics used the “Bloodlines” crossover as an excuse to create a bevy of new superheroes and villains. These “New Bloods” were given powers when alien parasites attacked them, resulting in the creation of the superhero team the Blood Pack and heroes like Hitman, Gunfire, and many others. Eager to have its own version of the Hulk, DC introduced the character Loose Cannon, who was a cop by the name of Eddie Walker before he gained incredible superpowers that made him seem destined for the spotlight.

Just like the Hulk before him, Eddie takes on a massive, hulking form when he gets incredibly angry. However, unlike his counterpart, Loose Cannon has several stages to his transformation. When he initially becomes angry, his skin is colored blue, but as he gets madder, it changes hues. The next stage is purple, followed by red, until finally his skin is completely white to match the white hot rage he feels at this stage. In his most powerful form, Loose Cannon becomes uncontrollable and is unable to put together a coherent thought. Perhaps the potential was there, but just as quickly as he debuted, he also fell into obscurity. Like most other New Bloods, he was quickly forgotten. A failed revival a few years ago will likely keep him off the map for a long while.


Atom Smasher JSA

Most superheroes with increased strength are disproportionately sized compared to the massive abilities they display. Sure, Superman can lift an entire building over his head, but does he really look like a dude who can practically do anything he wants? This goes beyond muscles, though. In this instance, we’re talking about height. Frequent Justice Society member Al Rothstein has the ability to grow in size, and can alter his density and strength directly proportional to that size. This means if he’s 60 feet tall, he’s going to have the abilities you might imagine a human being will have at that size.

Towering in at over seven feet even at his natural state, Atom Smasher possesses a lot of untapped power. He has shown to be capable of plucking jet planes out of the sky with ease, and can compete with just about any superpowered person. Atom Smasher has put up a fight against the likes of Power Girl, Solomon Grundy, Martian Manhunter, Black Adam, and he even fought off the Spectre once. Al also took the young hero Grant Emerson, aka Damage, under his wing while the kid was trying to figure himself out. Even he, with his own super strength, couldn’t match up to Atom Smasher, who easily pinned him down with one hand and knocked him out.


Superhero comics love their sidekicks, but Freddy Freeman has the distinction of being one of the first to debut. After Batman got Robin in 1940, Captain Marvel was given Captain Marvel Jr. just a year later. As obscure as he might be compared to more famous sidekicks, he was known enough to Elvis Presley that The King modelled his on-stage costumes after Captain Marvel Jr. Just as the Wizard imbued Billy Batson with the power of Shazam, the Captain imparted a portion of his power to Freddy.

By saying the words Captain Marvel out loud, he gained all the abilities that the original Captain has, though slightly less.

After years spent in the superhero community as Captain Marvel Jr. and CM3, Freddy eventually took on the role of Shazam when Billy became the new Wizard. He underwent the Trials of Shazam and defeated a powerful challenger by the name of Sabina. As Shazam, he even managed to join the Justice League for a short period of time. Golden Age stories showed that he could fly into space and move planets around with his bare hands. In a way, he’s just like Superman. The Marvel Family has proven to be filled with some of the most powerful characters in comics.


After Superman lost his life in the battle against Doomsday, Cadmus decided to clone the Man of Steel in order to ensure that Metropolis always had a protector. The results of their cloning efforts produced a kid that would one day be known as Superboy. After Superman returned to the land of the living, he took this kid, gave him a Kryptonian name (Kon-El) and Earth name (Conner Kent), and trained him how to be a true hero. He has many of the same superpowers as his mentor, except with the added ability called tactile telekinesis, which allowed him to have a measure of control over anything he touched (among other things).

Unfortunately, Conner went through many hardships over his career. It was discovered that he was partially cloned from Lex Luthor. Then he lost his life in battle. Then he had his entire story rewritten during the New 52, and finally has seen his entire existence wiped out in the Rebirth era. Perhaps his greatest accomplishment was being one of the very few superheroes who could actually beat up the evil Superboy Prime to an extent. He is still featured in the Injustice universe, and the continued existence of his future counterpart in the Titans of Tomorrow seems to suggest that one day he will be brought back into continuity. Superboy may not be as strong as the man himself, but he certainly is one of DC's most powerful people!


LoSH Quiz Ultra Boy

Superheroes first showed up in the 20th Century, but their legacy is long felt into the 30th and 31st Century with the founding of the Legion of Super-Heroes. In the far future, young heroes from around the universe banded together to form the Legion of Super-Heroes. We know about members like Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl, and Brainiac 5, but when the team needs some muscle, they call upon Jo Nah of Rimbor, more commonly known as the superhero powerhouse Ultra Boy. Out of all the Legionnaires with all their different powers, he is one of the strongest characters on the team.

While many of these characters use the natural abilities of their race to protect the citizens of the United Planets, Ultra Boy received his powers from exposure to radiation. He has been shown to have all the same abilities as Superman, but Jo Nah can only use one of those powers at a time. He has the strength to rival the Man of Steel himself, but given the limitations on his abilities, Ultra Boy has his weaknesses. Despite this, he remains one of the most useful members of the team. If only he could get a more prominent role when the team eventually returns.


JLA Quiz Big Barda

The New Gods of New Genesis and Apokolips are some of the most powerful cosmic entities in the universe. They may all pale in comparison to the likes of Darkseid, but each has their own levels of strength and unique abilities. One of the most powerful among these New Gods is Big Barda, who was trained from a young age to be a member, and eventual leader, of Darkseid’s elite warriors, the Female Furies. She eventually rebelled against her controllers, escaped Apokolips, and joined New Genesis. Big Barda and Mister Miracle are now married and live together on Earth, but they join the fight when they must.

er strength and fighting skills rival the abilities of Wonder Woman.

Over the years, Big Barda has shown herself to be one of the fiercest warriors in the DC Universe. Her strength and fighting skills rival the abilities of Wonder Woman. She can overpower her former team members and has defeated the likes of Knockout and Kalibak in single combat. Mister Miracle may be remembered as the world’s greatest escape artist, but it’s Barda who holds the power in the relationship. In the past, Big Barda has served in the Justice League of America, proving that she can stand side by side with the world’s greatest superheroes.


Mary Marvel

Mary Marvel has the distinction of being the first female spinoff of a male superhero, predating Supergirl by more than a decade. Just like her twin brother Billy Batson, she has also become involved with the world of wizards and magic words. By calling out the name Shazam, she can take on the same powers as her brother. However, in many of their stories, it is explained that she, her brother, and Freddy Freeman all share a finite amount of power, meaning that the more heroes who use their abilities, the weaker they all are. That limitation ultimately hurts her ability to compete against the rest of the heroes on this list.

Mary has also received her powers from other sources outside of Shazam. Black Adam previously gave her his power, making her more prone to violence. Darkseid further manipulated her powers to turn her into a purely evil entity able to cut right through a human body without any remorse or resistance. In this form, she overpowered someone as strong as Wonder Woman. No matter where she gets her powers from, Mary Marvel has proven herself to be one of the most powerful superheroes in the DC Universe. Let’s hope we see her again before too much time goes by.


There have been several interpretations of OMAC over the years, but they have all wielded incredibly physical strength. The original, Buddy Blank, was created by Jack Kirby and was introduced into the apocalyptic wasteland that was later revealed to be where Kamandi lives. The character worked with the sentient satellite Brother Eye, who would power Buddy up into the One Man Army Corps, which would allow him to perform amazing feats of strength to help him establish law within a lawless world. He had the ability to break through strong futuristic technology, and was shown capable of manhandling the people he fought against.

A new version of the character known as Kevin Kho was later introduced in 2011, and this incarnation has proven to be far more powerful than the original. On more than one occasion, this OMAC has gotten out of control and wreaked havoc among his own allies. He laid waste to Justice League International at one point, and also violently defeated the likes of Power Girl, Steel, and the King Shark over in Suicide Squad. At one point, he even tore a full-grown Shark-Man in half using only his bare hands. While technically a good guy, he’s the kind of person that the superhero community should want to keep an eye on, no matter Kevin’s noble intentions.


Donna Troy in Titans

‘Who is Donna Troy?’ is a recurring question within the DC Universe because no one has been able to decide how the original Wonder Girl came into existence. She was originally just a younger version of Diana, but eventually became her own character but without any origin to speak of. As a result, several creators have attempted to make sense of her place within the DCU with varying success. She was an orphan saved by Wonder Woman, then she was related to the Titans of Myth, then she was said to be a magical duplicate of Diana, and in the New 52, it was established that she was created to fight her former mentor.

It would seem that multiple versions of Donna Troy have also resulted in some wildly different power sets over the years.

Typically she seems to have all the abilities of Wonder Woman herself, though it seems that she is unable to beat her mentor in hand-to-hand combat. Still, she has established herself to be one of the strongest members of the superhero community, able to take on almost any villain on her own. A future version of Donna Troy recently came to the present day and was able to defeat the entire Titans team. As she ages, her powers will increase to the levels Wonder Woman currently enjoys.


If it were up to the Main Man, Lobo would be the number one person on this list. As the Last Czarnian, he not only has the power to destroy his entire race, it’s gone to his head and now he believes he’s the strongest dude in the universe. Living the life of a bounty hunter, it’s hard to really consider him a superhero; at any given time, he’s been closer to a villain than not. However, Batman drafted him into his Justice League of America team, so now he can officially be labeled a hero, whether he likes it or not.

Aside from his incredible ability to heal from any wound imaginable, Lobo also possesses a massive amount of physical strength. When he’s not letting his guns do the talking, the Main Man is using his muscles to be more than a match for someone as strong as Superman. He’s fought the Green Lanterns, Red Lanterns, and actually managed to take out the powerful New God Devilance the Pursuer. Put into the right situation, Lobo has the potential to be one of the best heroes in the universe. However, he’s just too self-centered to do the right thing on a regular basis. The Main Man does what the Main Man wants.


There have been many versions of Supergirl throughout the years, but no one is remembered as fondly as Kara Zor-El, the cousin of Superman. While Kal-El was rocketed to Earth as a child from a dying Krypton, Supergirl was sent out from Argo City as a teenager. Technically older than Superman, according to her latest origin, she became trapped in suspended animation until finally arriving on Earth. Given her inexperience using her incredible powers, Supergirl can sometimes appear to be more powerful than Superman at times. However, despite her tendency to go all out, she is still getting used to being a superhero.

That being said, Supergirl has shown herself fully capable of handling the worst possible threats imaginable. She has fought and defeated a laundry list of enemies that includes the Cyborg Superman, Lena Luthor, and the villainous Superwoman. With all the powers of Superman under a yellow sun, she can even get the better of her cousin, if he’s not careful. As much as we all like to think of Superman as the strongest surviving Kryptonian, Supergirl is at least able to challenge him in that regard. As she gets older and catches up with Superman, there’s no telling how powerful she could one day become.


Kryptonians aren’t the only alien race that gain incredible superpowers with exposure to a yellow sun. Daxamites from the planet Daxam are an evolutionary offshoot from the people of Krypton. Like their cousins, they gain all the abilities that Superman possesses on Earth. The superhero Mon-El traveled to Earth when a young Clark Kent was still living in Smallville. When he was exposed to lead, his one weakness, Mon-El had to be placed in the Phantom Zone to save his life. Thousands of years later, he was cured by Brainiac 5 and recruited into the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Given that he possesses so many powers, he is often considered to be the most powerful member of the Legion.

Though Daxamites are not considered to be as strong as Kryptonians, they can still hold their own. Mon-El has shown that he can take anyone from the Superman Family in a fight. He has wiped the floor with the likes of Supergirl, Superboy, and even the big man himself on occasion. After the establishment of New Krypton, Superman decided to live with his people, but he trusted the might of Mon-El enough to entrust him with the city of Metropolis and a place in the Justice League.


DC Rebirth Wonder Woman

Whether she was made out of clay by her mother or she’s the secret child of the Greek God Zeus, Wonder Woman remains one of the most powerful superheroes in the DC Universe. Gifted with the powers of the gods, she has many of the same abilities that Superman has, including strength, speed, and durability. Diana was also raised from a young age in the art of combat, making her one of the fiercest warriors on the planet. When it comes to DC’s trinity of superheroes, Wonder Woman is the one you call when it comes to the art of war.

It has been debated for years whether Diana could beat Superman in a fight, and though she has shown to be capable of hurting him, she doesn’t have the same raw power. Instead, she dominates her opponents through a combination of her special abilities, superior tactics, and special equipment gifted to her from the gods. She has defeated the likes of Supergirl and proven to be able to defeat Batman pretty easily. Few realize that the name of Wonder Woman is actually a title that she won over her fellow Amazon warriors, establishing her as the strongest among them.


Everyone thinks of the Martian Manhunter as a telepath and a shapeshifter first, but it’s easy to forget just how much he is capable of. J’onn J’onzz also has all the same abilities as Superman, and he’s just about as strong as he is too. Most people see the Martian Manhunter as a quiet and reserved hero, and something of a pacifist, but if he’s pushed into battle, he is able to come at you from every angle possible. There’s a good chance you probably wouldn’t survive a punch from the Last Manhunter of Mars.

When the big guns come out, they come out to get serious. If you take all of the Martian Manhunter’s powers together, he is very likely to be the most powerful member of the Justice League. He has been seen several times being capable of taking on the entire might of his teammates, and his super strength alone is enough to make them hurt. He played a big role in the fight that put the rampaging Superboy Prime down for the count in Infinite Crisis. Even when he was a Black Lantern, J’onn laid out the case that he is just as powerful as the Man of Steel himself, and because of that he deserves more respect. We would have to agree.


Created by the legendary Jack Kirby, Orion is the biological son of the villainous Darkseid, so it would follow that he would inherit some of his awesome powers. On his own, Orion is an elite-level warrior. He is perhaps the only other New God who can actually physically harm Darkseid in any meaningful way. Orion may usually be something of a gruff jerk, but he does have his own heroic side.

In some instances, he is shown to be of comparable strength to the likes of Superman and Wonder Woman.

The biggest achievement he has on his resume is the fact that he was the one who finally took out Darkseid. With the elimination of the New Gods in the lead up to Final Crisis, the final two members of this cosmic race of gods fought it out in the streets of Earth. Orion finally dug deep into himself and became the monster he had always tried to stop himself from being, and he managed to battle Darkseid to something of a standstill. However, that all changed when the son destroyed the father and he ripped Darkseid’s heart right from his body. It’s a accomplishment none of us were surely ever forget.


Given that she is the cousin of Superman from an alternate universe, Power Girl has all the powers and abilities of a Kryptonian and is essentially just like Supergirl. However, since she is older than her counterpart, Karen Starr is far more powerful. Over the years, she has evolved again and again to reflect some new wrinkle in continuity, but for the most part she is considered to be the strongest female superhero in the DC Universe. Power Girl has also been seen as a leader in the superhero community, even leading the vaunted Justice Society of America at one point.

Just how strong has she proven herself to be? If she really needs to, she can knock out Superman in one punch. Power Girl can also stand up to the likes of Supergirl and Wonder Woman in the heat of combat. She has shown herself able to beat up someone has powerful as Darkseid, and has actually defeated the likes of Magog and Solomon Grundy. Power Girl may be an alternate version of Supergirl, but she’s unique and powerful enough to stand on her own as one of the best superheroes DC Comics has to offer. If only the publisher can get its stuff together and reintroduce her and the Justice Society in the post-Rebirth era.



Originally introduced as the imperfect copy of Superman, Bizarro has all the abilities of Superman (though often reversed), but with none of the intelligence or sense that comes along with the real deal. This means all his power is mostly used inefficiently because he’s kind of on the dumb side. Whether he comes from the alternate universe Bizarro World or he’s a failed genetic clone of the big man himself, he does possess the kind of raw power only Superman can match. If Bizarro ever smartened up, he would be a real danger to the world at large; not because he’s necessarily evil, but because he usually doesn’t know any better.

As luck would have it, there is now more than one version of Bizarro running around the DC Universe these days. In Red Hood and the Outlaws, the group includes a Superman clone with uncontainable power. This Bizarro has now become super intelligent, allowing him to use his abilities in the most efficient way possible. It’s possible that a battle with the real Superman would bring the hero to the very edge of his abilities. However, there is still a Bizarro that lives on Bizarro World. Superman fought him in the pages of Superman, and the two were seemingly equal, with the copy sporting those bizarre inverted versions of his powers, like cold vision and heat-breath.


Superman may have been the first, but it’s worth wondering if he was really the best. Just as soon as he proved to be possible, the hero known as Captain Marvel showed up to compete with him. At his peak, the character was far more lucrative than the Man of Steel ever was, but after lawsuits and a cease and desist order, the two eventually came to be published under the same roof. Now known as Shazam, Billy Batson can transform into a magical version of Superman. By saying the the magic words, he gains the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the stamina of Atlas, the power of Zeus, the courage of Achilles, and the speed of Mercury.

Time and time again, Shazam has proven to be nearly as strong as Superman.

The two have fought to the point of near stalemate many times. He has defeated foes as powerful as Black Adam and can go toe-to-toe with godlike entities likes Hercules and the Spectre. Maybe he’s technically not as strong as Superman, but it’s such a small difference between the two that no one is going to be upset having either of them watching their backs. It’s truly amazing what the imagination of a child can come up with.


Sure, Superman was the first superhero, but he has essentially become the quintessential superbeing since then. He has every power you can imagine, from super strength, to flight, to super speed, to invulnerability, and even heat vision and super breath. His physical abilities have largely changed depending on the time period his stories took place in. During the Golden Age of Comics, he was literally faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive, but that was it. Only during the 1950s and ‘60s did Superman gain his awesome godlike abilities to move planets with his bare hands and travel through time by running really fast.

The modern day Superman is perhaps somewhere in the middle. He has all his amazing powers, but he isn’t a god, and he isn’t able to alter the state of the known universe. He’s certainly stronger than just about any other hero or villain in the DC Universe, though, so he can still be considered super. Despite his amazing powers, it is usually shown that his strong sense of morality has kept him in check over the years, preventing him from becoming a super powered murderer or the evil tyrant from the Injustice series of video games. Superman can basically do anything he wants, his stories usually involve more than just punching, though.



The Hulk often tells us that he’s the strongest there is, so when DC Comics decided to create its own version of the Jade Giant, it makes sense he would be able to measure up. This is why it has been implied that the powerful super soldier codenamed Damage is actually even stronger than Superman. In an attempt to create its own super powered soldiers, the military conducted tests using dark matter energy left over from the Dark Nights: Metal event. The result was Ethan Avery, who gained the ability to transform into a giant, super powered form for exactly one hour.

Just how strong is Damage? Even given just an hour, the monster has proven able to make easy work of modern military weaponry like tanks and aircrafts. On top of that, he has defeated the Suicide Squad, Poison Ivy, and even proved to be too much for someone like Wonder Woman to handle. After the two fought in the streets and Diana took a beating, she told Batman and Superman that Damage could be the strongest opponent she has ever faced, which would include the Man of Steel himself. Let’s hope that fight ends up being as good as it’s being billed to be.


Perhaps the most powerful being in the DC Universe has to be the Spectre. As God’s spirit of vengeance, he is blessed with all sorts of powerful magical abilities, but it is his raw strength that really sets him apart from the other amazing super-beings he interacts with. The power of the Spectre is so great that it needs a human host in order to keep him in check. Jim Corrigan, Hal Jordan, and Crispus Allen have each taken control of the spirit of vengeance in order to enact his version of justice onto the world.

This magical entity has the ability to take out the entire magical community one fistfight at a time.

Over the years, we have seen the Spectre’s amazing abilities, like how he is essentially invulnerable to all physical attacks... unless you’re Batman and the Spectre allows you to hurt him. This magical entity also has the ability to take out the entire magical community one fistfight at a time. We’re talking defeating Shazam with one punch to the face. He was also seen capable of wrangling the Red Lantern avatar of rage known as the Butcher with just his bare hands. His most impressive physical feat, though, would have to be the time he engaged the Anti-Monitor in hand-to-hand combat and was able to overpower him for control of all creation. The heroes needed his power in Crisis on Infinite Earths, and he delivered in a big way, saving all reality from the brink.

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