Ranked: The Strongest Batman Beyond Villains

Despite the original series ending in 2001, between rereleases and a variety of comic appearances, Batman Beyond is a franchise that hasn't been forgotten by its fans. While the original Dark Knight is often lauded for having one of the best rogues galleries in the superhero genre, the pantheon of villains faced by Terry McGinnis are not to be taken lightly. Taking place in a distant future, many of Batman Beyond's antagonists utilize the tech of the future in a manner that may make them more threatening than many of Bruce Wayne's foes. So without further ado, here are The Ten Strongest Batman Beyond Villains. Fair warning: potential spoilers ahead.

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10 Willie Watt

Coming in at number ten is one of the more straightforward entries on this list. Willie Watt possesses the power to telekinetically control  a massive mechanical "GOLEM." This power allows Willie to have many of the upsides of having destructive super strength, while allowing himself to stay out of harms way. However, if the need arises, after bulking up in  "Revenant" Willie Watt is a force to be reckoned with, even without the use of his powers.

9 Ian Peek

Not all strength and powers should be interpreted at the base level of how much damage they could cause, but rather the versatility and potential said character's abilities possess. There is no greater example of this than Ian Peek. A tabloid journalist who'd stolen tech that allowed him to become completely intangible. This allows Ian Peek to be unparalleled in the art of thievery, even using this ability to learn both Bruce Wayne and Terry McGinnis's secret identities.

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8 Spellbinder

Similarly to Ian Peek, what Spellbinder lacks in physical prowess, he possesses in manipulative capabilities. A former psychologist, Spellbinder uses hypnosis and other methods of mind alteration, utilizing his knowledge of the mind to have others commit his crimes for him. Whether it be through addictive VR rooms or Scarecrow-esque trances and hallucinations, Spellbinder is a villain whose manipulation allows him to commit large scale crime operations without lifting a finger.

7 Curaré

A masterclass killer from the Society of Assassins, few villains in the canon of Batman Beyond come as close to offing Batman as Curaré. Wielding a variety of martial arts and a blade as thin as solitary atoms, paired with her tactical training few could dream of taking her down, let alone surviving an encounter with her. Even when hunted down by her fellow assassins, Curaré is able to turn the tables and hunt them instead.

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6 Shriek

A master of sound manipulation, Shriek is a deceptively powerful villain in Terry McGinnis's rogues gallery. While Shriek is capable of producing sounds loud enough that they can break glass or shatter an individual's eardrum, Shriek's powers can also be used in more subtle and insidious fashion. A shining example of this use of his abilities can be seen when he'd used a minuscule two way speaker placed underneath Bruce Wayne's bandage, feigning false thoughts, and making Wayne question his own sanity,

5 The Terrific Trio

Loosely based off the fantastic four, while the Terrific Trio may appear to be a run of the mill group of heroes, but upon further examination, aren't as clean cut as one would expect. Consisting of Freon, a woman with both freezing powers and fight, 2-D Man, who possesses very similar abilities to Mr. Fantastic, and Magma, an individual with powers of well- magma. As simple as it may seem, the numbers advantage matters. Having to deal with one super-powered adversary is a challenge enough for Terry McGinnis, so it speaks volumes when three must be dealt with at once.

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4 Mister Freeze

A longtime fan favorite of the Batman's villains, due to the accident he sustained in his origin, Victor Fries's aging has effectively halted, resulting in his presence in Batman Beyond. However, while this is the same Mister Freeze of the past, he's gone through some changes that make him yet even more threatening. In the episode, "Meltdown," Victor is offered the hope of returning to a normal life, only to have it quickly snatched away. While Freeze is often a cold and calculated character, there are few other appearances in which the character is this vengeful and coldblooded.

3 Inque

One of the most memorable villains in the series, Inque possesses many similarities to longtime Batman villain, Clayface. A shapeshifter and a master of espionage, while Clayface possesses the ability to altar his form and appearance, we've rarely seen him change form to the extent shown by Inque. Able to alter her  consistency to that of liquid, Inque is able to perform such feats of stealth such as blending into the bat-suit without detection, even being able to infiltrate the Batcave. Seemingly immune to most forms of harm,  we're just thankful that she has a weakness to water.

2 Ra's Al Ghul

Many of Bruce Wayne's antagonists have no real superpowers and revolve more around the mental battle rather than a physical confrontation. However, the nearly immortal Ra's Al Ghul is a threat on both the physical and mental battlefield, and continues to be a threat to Terry McGinnis in Batman Beyond. Possessing seemingly limitless recourses, physical prowess, and a genius intellect, Ra's Al Ghul has never been one to take lightly. All is not the same with Ra's in the future however, as he seeks a body he deems more satisfactory- a body like that of Bruce Wayne.

1 Blight

If you're familiar with Batman Beyond, you knew that Blight was going to be here. The main antagonist of the first season of the series, no villain is as integral to the character of Terry McGinnis or is as threatening as Derek Powers. Responsible for the death of Terry's father and even Mister Freeze, Blight is a human nuclear hazard so potent, that even being within close proximity could be harmful. In addition to being passively harmful, he's exhibited great feats of strength and can also fire projectiles made up of pure radiation. Factor in that he also happens to be one of the most powerful business men in all of Gotham, and we have the strongest villain in Batman Beyond on our hands.

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