Big Bangs: The 20 Strongest Attacks In Anime, Officially Ranked

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One of the best things about action-heavy anime is, without a doubt, the fight scenes; from the crazy choreography to the brilliant animation, anime battles are always exciting. Perhaps the most exciting part about anime fights involves the awesome, unique powers that the characters have and how they use them. Special attacks, signature moves and the like are a big staple of the medium; things like energy beams and superhuman punches have been seen all throughout anime. But, which among these attacks are the strongest? What superpower and/or special move has proven to be the deadliest or most effective against an enemy?

The answer to that is a bit difficult, partially because there are different rules to the different worlds that these moves and the powers that grant them take place in, and also because it's not exact science what the effects of, say, a ki blast would do to the people and environment it is used on. What we're trying to say is that, while we will be ranking these anime attacks from weakest to strongest, take this ranking with a grain of salt, since the exact details of how these special moves work is just as much of a mystery to us as it is to you. Regardless, we're going to do our best to rank the powers and attacks seen in some of the most popular anime out there. So, without any further ado, here are 20 of the strongest anime attacks, ranked from weakest to strongest.

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This one isn't exactly an attack, more of a technique, but Fullmetal Alchemist is one of the most popular anime out there, so we thought we should throw alchemy into the mix. Regardless, as cool as this magical science is, it is also one of the weakest in terms of attack. That might seem like a bold claim since Alchemists were used as human weapons, but not everyone knows the more destructive alchemy types, like Flame Alchemy.

This is to say that while Alchemy is strong enough to level entire cities or rip the souls from the bodies of an entire country worth of people, these higher-level forms of alchemy are not easily learned, and the basic forms of alchemy aren't the strongest in combat.


This is another one that seems like it should be ranked as more powerful, but loses a few points for being a bit basic. Yusuke Urameshi's signature move is the Spirit Gun, which concentrates his spirit energy into a single shot for one destructive and rather precise blast. It sounds cool and all, but it's ultimately small potatoes compared to some of the other attacks on this list.

For one thing, the attack is, as mentioned, rather basic. It is simply a shot of energy, and while there are some variations, it doesn't do as much damage as, say, the Kamehameha wave. Furthermore, Yusuke could only use it once a day when he started out, which drops the Spirit Gun's rating down quite a bit.


Being able to wield electricity seems like a pretty powerful attack, but in the larger scale of things, it's not the strongest anime move. That said, this attack, developed by Kakashi Hatake, is a variant on the Rasengan that creates what is basically an electrical storm in the hands of the user.

This is a powerful attack indeed, but it has a TON of drawbacks, including damaging the hand of the user and causing tunnel vision that makes the user open for attacks and makes the attack easy to dodge. These side effects combined with the fact that the Chidori is not as strong as the higher-ranking items on this list are why we rank it at number 18.


While Naruto's versions of the Rasengan are not quite the same as the mastered version, the attack is still much stronger than the Chidori, and it doesn't have any of the side effects. It is essentially a huge build-up and release of pure chakra, bringing with it a huge destructive force that has varying levels of power with the different versions that have been developed.

But, again, while the Rasengan is pure energy, and while it has put some of the strongest Naruto villains down, it is still a rather simple attack, one that might not stand up against some of the stronger energy-based and even some of the physical-based attacks on this list.


This attack is as ridiculous as it is powerful, and while it might be a bit of a bold choice to claim that the Hundred Rending Fists attack is more powerful than the energy-based Rasengan, we're going to back up that claim. For one thing Kenshirō's hundred rending fists results in death every time, which itself should put it in the top five.

Another thing that makes it so strong is that it happens in the blink of an eye. Whoever Kenshirō unleashes this attack, his opponent dies within seconds, their head exploding from all the pressure points he attacks with crazy and deadly precision. All that said, it does require a Kenshirō to be within reach of his opponent, which costs the attack some points.


This signature move of Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach is another attack that ended up having quite a few variations throughout the course of the anime, each more powerful than the last. Getsuga Tenshō literally translates to "Moon Fang Heaven-Piercer," which is easily one of the coolest names ever, and the power this attack wields is just as impressive.

By collecting his soul energy in his sword, Ichigo can release it in a crescent-shaped wave that can slash through some of the toughest enemies and materials. It is a powerful signature move, but, as with most energy-based attacks, it is hard to truly grasp just how powerful, and with other attacks that we know a bit more about, we are going to rank it at number 15.


Maka Albarn is already impressively skilled when using Soul Eater, her partner and weapon in the fight against demons, witches and all other kinds of monsters, but add to this all the power ups she and Soul have achieved, and the two are one powerful pair. One power-up in particular, the third ascension of scythe-based power-ups, the Kishin Hunter, is not to be trifled with.

After the Witch Hunter and the Majin Hunter, the Kishin Hunter is the strongest scythe power-up that Maka and Soul achieves in the manga and anime. How powerful is it exactly? Well, "Kishin" essentially translates to "fierce god," so the move is meant to slice through a god, making it one of the strongest anime attacks out there.


One Piece is known for showcasing some awesome superpowers, most of which come from the cursed fruits of the world. After eating the Flame-Flame fruit, Portgas D. Ace gained pyro-kinetic abilities, which he used in a variety of ways. One of his most-used attacks was his Fire Fist, which is what earned him the nickname Fire Fist Ace.

The Fire Fist is exactly what is sounds like, Ace turns his fist into fire before launching it at his opponent, resulting in massive pillar of flames that destroys practically anything in its path, including entire ships. The pure destructive nature of the fire and the power that Ace puts behind his attacks makes this move incredibly strong, coming in at number 13.


This is another one that is more of a technique than an attack, but we decided it was best to just cover all of Erza Scarlett's attacks in one by ranking her Requip magic as number 12 on our list. Requip is a spatial magic that allows Erza to store her many, MANY types of armor and weapons in a pocket dimension and summon them onto her person with ease.

With her various magical armor and weapons, Erza is an entire walking arsenal, one with access to some of the strongest magical weapons that she has gathered in her travels. Each armor and/or weapon has a special power and attack that makes Erza a magical force to be reckoned with.


Now we get into some of the most famous anime attacks of all time, the ki-based moves of Dragon BallOne of the most destructive and precise attacks is Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon, which, when charged up enough, can pierce a hole straight through even the toughest opponents.

However, as strong as the Special Beam Cannon is, it requires a ton of time to gather the energy necessary for the attack to be effective against stronger enemies. This, plus the fact that the attack is easy to see coming and thus avoid makes it the weakest of the Dragon Ball entries on this list.


Next up in the Dragon Ball attacks is Vegeta's Final Flash, and with a name like that, one can imagine that it is, well, final in the sense that it's meant as a finishing move, one that ends whomever is on the receiving end. In fact, we saw just how powerful this attack can be when it destroyed part of Cell's torso during his fight with Vegeta.

The attack releases a massive beam of widespread energy and electricity, but it also takes a significant time to charge, and when not properly done, the attack is weak and easily deflected. As powerful as the Final Flash is, it is not as strong as some of the more legendary DBZ moves.


The Kamehameha is like any other ki attack in the sense that the more energy is charged into it, the stronger it becomes. Because of this, finding an actual ranking is a bit tough, but we can say for certain it is one of the strongest moves in Dragon Ball.

The attack, as many know, consists of charging ki between one's hands and then releasing it as a massive beam of energy that can be redirected if the user is skilled enough. Even in its most basic form, the Kamehameha is one of the most devastating and powerful attacks in all of anime.


One of the coolest Bankais in all of Bleach had to be the one that belonged to Byakuya Kuchiki, known as Senbonzakura Kageyoshi, which translates to "Vibrant Display of a Thousand Cherry Blossoms." The reason for this extravagant name is because the attack involves Byakuya's sword turning into thousands of other giant swords that then break apart into tiny, razor-sharp cherry blossom petals that can cut through anything.

Sounds pretty awesome, doesn't it? It's also practically unstoppable, allowing Byakuya to both defend and attack with ease by concentrating these petals into waves of devastating blades. It's definitely one of the most stylish and most powerful attacks in all of anime.


As it was with Erza Scarlett, Natsu Dragneel, also of Fairy Tail, has so many signature move and abilities that the best way to cover all of his attacks is to rank is magic style as a whole. Natsu is one of the few users of Dragon Slayer magic, which allows him to face off against a fire dragon.

With these abilities, Natsu can breathe fire, punch with the strength of a dragon, shoot firey explosions and much, much more. The best part is that he can recharge his magic by eating fire, which means facing off against another fire-user would only make him stronger, which is why Fire Dragon Slayer magic comes in at number seven.



Luffy's devil fruit powers are easily some of the most powerful in all of One Piece, particularly because they allow him to use techniques known as gear shifts, which, while not an attack itself, increase his strength, speed, durability and much more. Each Gear is accomplished with slightly different methods, but the strongest of all is activated by Luffy blowing air into his muscles to inflate and strengthen them.

Yeah, that doesn't exactly check out scientifically, but it essentially turns Luffy into an unstoppable machine, making him stronger and faster and hardening his arms using a Haki technique. In his Fourth Gear form, Luffy has pushed his strength to its limits and taken on incredibly powerful foes.


All-Might is strong. Ridiculously strong. So strong that just the wind pressure from his punches is enough to destroy a building. One example of an attack like this is the Detroit Smash, a punch that is sometimes just wind pressure, and other time physical contact depending on the strength of the opponent.

Although this move is just a super strong punch, it still hits with a ton of force; All-Might used it to completely blow away a villain made of goop, and Deku used it to knock out the incredibly powerful villain known as Muscular. As mentioned, there is nothing particularly special about the attack, but the hero behind it is one of the strongest in all of anime.


Perhaps the coolest thing about Gurren Lagann is that the characters power their mechs with literal fighting spirit; the more determined they are to win, the stronger their robots are. The spirit energy also allows for attacks like the Giga Drill Break, which essentially manifests a giant drill from thin air for Simon and Kamina to attack their opponents with.

It's hard to truly analyze the power that the Giga Drill Break unleashes, since the attack itself is mostly theatrics, but just by the sheer size of the drill and the speed at which it spins, we can assume the attack is enough to level mountains.


Amongst the ki attacks in Dragon Ball, only one stands as the strongest, the spirit bomb. By gathering the energy of all the life around him, Goku can create a massive ball of energy that can obliterate whatever it is thrown at.

Well, maybe not everything, since a Spirt Bomb wasn't enough to take down Jiren, but it was enough to fully vaporize Kid Buu, an ancient, evil alien that could regenerate from the smallest particle. While it might take a ton of time to build up, the Spirit Bomb is easily one of the strongest attacks in all of anime.


The Full Counter technique is, without a doubt, the strongest defense techniques in all of anime, since, as the name implies, it can push back any magical attack that Meliodas encounters. With this attack, Meliodas is able to fully reflect whatever magic his opponent is using, making it the perfect offense and defense.

The reason we ranked this at number two is because the attack varies depending on the magic he is reflecting/countering. So, the stronger the attack, the stronger the counter, meaning it can perfectly defend Meliodas from any attack and throw it back just as hard. Add to this his demonic abilities and Meliodas is one tough opponent.



Don't act like you didn't see this coming! Saitama is easily the strongest Shonen character of all time simply based on the fact that he serves as a parody of the genre. Every villain that Saitama faces is defeated in a single punch — a play on the overpowered nature of Shonen characters — and one of his strongest attacks is his Serious Punch.

The attack is called the "serious" punch because most of the time, Saitama need not bother fighting enemies seriously, since he just defeats them in one punch. But, sometimes he needs to bring his A-game (or maybe B?), which is where the Serious Punch comes in, an attack that is capable of stopping a planet-destroying blast, and even then Saitama apparently still wasn't even trying.

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