The 15 Strongest Alternate Reality Venoms, Ranked

In all of the multiverse, there's one name synonymous with unrelenting fury and unending hunger: Venom. Ever since the strange alien gloop got its inky tendrils into Spider-Man, the parasite has made a name for itself on Earth, seeking out numerous hosts in pursuit of vengeance. However, a creature like Venom is too scary to be kept constrained to the 616 universe; no, the multiverse is chock full of Venoms, each more horrifying than the last. You've got good guy Venoms, stomach-churning inhuman Venoms, and even downright strange Venoms. Out of all of these alternate-realities, which Venom reigns supreme? Funny you should ask.

While the Venom we know and love might be best known for his imposing stature and unending hunger for puny Parker's brain, the Venoms of the multiverse come in all shapes and sizes. Over the years, fans have learned of the existence of numerous alternate-reality Venoms, each a little different from the OG. Looking for a magically-inclined Venom? The multiverse has one of those. Looking for a Venom that fights for justice? You better believe there's one of those. How about a giant transforming robot Venom? Well, that's super specific, but the multiverse has one of those, too. So take a plunge into the multiverse with CBR as we rank the 15 strongest alternate-reality Venoms!

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Earth X May Parker
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Earth X May Parker

Traditionally, the Venom symbiote only sees a host as a means to an end. Forever power-hungry, the symbiote seeks out hosts that will best aid it in achieving its own twisted goals. But if the host can overcome the bloodthirsty whims of the symbiote, it is possible to tame the alien goop, using the unmatched power of the symbiote for the force of good.

This is exactly what May Parker managed to do in Jim Krueger's sweeping epic, Earth X. In this grim alternate reality, the Venom symbiote, seeking vengeance on Peter Parker, possesses Peter's daughter May, hoping to turn the budding hero against her father. May, using her honed Spider-Sense, is able to subdue the symbiote and bend the alien to her will, becoming a new, heroic Venom in the process. With all the powers of the fearsome Venom, with combined training from Spider-Man and Daredevil, the Venom of Earth X is one of the strongest Venoms in the multiverse.


When Eddie Brock bonded with the Venom symbiote on Earth 616, the alien fed on Brock's resentment and rage to become the ultimate killing machine. This drive to kill was counterbalanced with Brock's maturity and sense of right and wrong. What if the symbiote had bonded with some more emotionally immature; someone with no morals, just filled with rage? You'd get Ultimate Venom.

In the Ultimate Universe, an embittered Eddie Brock Jr. bonds with the symbiote after discovering that his one-time friend Peter Parker is Spider-Man. Driven by an insatiable hunger to consume Parker, Ultimate Venom is an animalistic killer. Additionally, this alternate reality Venom shows no weakness to sonic frequencies or fire, and has been established to overwhelm Spider-Man's Spider-Sense to the point that Parker can no longer move, making this Venom a threat to be reckoned with.


As superhero monikers go, "Spider-Gwen" might not be the best around, but Gwenom? Now that is some top shelf wordplay. But it's not just the A+ portmanteau that earns Gwenom a place on our list; no, this is one strong alternate reality Venom that is not to be trifled with.

Over on Earth-65, Gwen Stacy received that fateful spider bite rather than Peter Parker, leading Gwen to embark upon a career of do-goodery. However, when the evil Matt Murdock of Earth-65 unwittingly creates the Venom symbiote, a then-powerless Spider-Gwen inadvertently bonds with the parasite, leading to the creation of Gwenom. Possessing the acrobatic powers of Spider-Gwen, with the inky tendrils and enhanced strength of the symbiote to boot, this alternate reality Venom is as quick as she is deadly.


Kingpin Venom

It's often been postulated what would happen if the Venom symbiote were to get its goopy tendrils into someone formidable. Sure, Eddie Brock, Mac Gargan, and Venom's various other hosts certainly aren't chumps, but what if the symbiote were to bond with a powerful, tactical foe? Well, you'd end up with a scary villain like the Kingpin Venom.

Appearing in the Spider-Man 100th Anniversary Special, this story introduced readers to an alternate reality in which Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of Crime, seeking to expand his power, bonds with the Venom symbiote. Never one to settle, Kingpin even has the symbiote improved, adding a bevy of techno-organic improvements that allow Fisk to control any machine on the planet. While this alternate-reality KingNom (VenPin?) is ultimately defeated by Spider-Man, this combination of power and blood-lust makes for one of the strongest Venoms in the multiverse.


Contest of Champions Venom

Venom functions as the yin to Spider-Man's yang; after all, Venom is essentially what happens when someone acquires great power without possessing the great responsibility to keep it in check. While Venom has proven to be one of Spidey's most dangerous foes, the Wall-Crawler's personal responsibility and head for tactics has always allowed the hero to stay one step ahead of the symbiote.

What would happen if Venom finally managed to get the upper hand on Spider-Man? In Contest Of Champions, fans were introduced to a Venom from an alternate Earth that had managed to finally kill Spider-Man. Emboldened by his victory, this Venom ripped the very suit from Spider-Man's body and took to wearing the famous costume as a makeshift cape. With no Spider-Man to keep him in check, Venom gave himself fully to the whims of the symbiote, becoming one of the strongest, and most fearsome Venoms in the multiverse.



Take a one-man mafia-murdering machine, give him a brain-hungry alien parasite, and voila! You've got yourself one of the deadliest Venoms in the multiverse. As Agent Venom proved, the only thing scarier than Venom is a Venom armed to the teeth, and Punisher Venom had this in spades.

In the classic What If...? #44, Frank Castle seeks divine forgiveness in a church, leading the recently-discarded symbiote to seek Castle as its new host. Bonded with the vengeance-driven Punisher, the duo set out to wipe crime from the face of the planet utilizing the symbiote's ability to produce bullets. With his newfound powers, the Punisher manages to defeat Spider-Man, Daredevil, and Moon Knight single-handedly and even kills the Kingpin. This scary combo is unquestionably one of the strongest Venoms in the multiverse.


11 Mangaverse Venom

In the Japanese-inspired reality of the Mangaverse, heroes and villains take on unique new forms. In this alternate reality, Spider-Man becomes a brave ninja warrior serving the ancient Spider Clan, but what is a ninja hero without a rival ninja clan to battle? Enter Mangaverse Venom.

Ditching the alien symbiote origins of the villain, this Venom possesses the mystical Shadow Clan Amulet, allowing the musclebound warrior to take on a demonic samurai form. With his monstrous form, Venom serves as the leader of the villainous Kuji Kuri clan, who have dedicated themselves to wiping the Spider Clan from the face of the Earth. A demonic Venom that is a master of ninjutsu? This is one strong alternate reality Venom.


Spider-Man India Venom

When the Inheritors sought to tear the Spider-Verse apart, the Spider-Man of India from Earth-50101, Pavitr Prabhakar, proved to be one of the most invaluable denizens of the Spider-Verse, lending this technical know-how and brave heart to the battle time and time again. It's easy to understand how Prabhakar got so brave, as he regularly has to contend with foes as scary as the Venom of India.

In this alternate reality, Venom is a centuries-old demon trapped in a mystical amulet. When freed by a cult called the Neo-Alvers, Venom immediately sets out to conquer the world, swiftly possessing nearby towns, turning all into demons who serve his every whim. Ultimately, Venom is defeated when his amulet is destroyed, but the fearsome creature now exists as an inert ooze, threatening to one day return to devour the multiverse.



Take one part blood-thirsty alien symbiote, add in a pinch of Neon Genesis Evangelion robot wackiness, mix liberally, and you've got VEN#m, one of the most unique (and scary) Venoms in the multiverse.

In an alternate-reality of giant robots and giant-er monsters, the armored hero, SP//dr, fights to uphold peace. Seeking to replicate the success of SP//dr, the VEN#m suit is created, combining a biomechanical Sym Engine with bleeding-edge robotics. Ultimately, the suit goes rogue and assimilates its pilot, young Addy Brock, and becomes a frightening, downright unstoppable threat to the world. Venom is a threat to be reckoned with, but a monstrous mech Venom is on an entirely different level of strong, netting this alternate-reality baddie a spot on our list.


Ngozi Black Panther Venom

The Black Panther mantle is one of great respect, bringing with it generations of knowledge to help shape one of the most formidable heroes in the Marvel Universe. Take that lifetime of skill, add in a dash of brain-hungry alien goop, and you've got yourself one formidable alternate reality Venom.

In Venomverse: War Stories #1, readers were introduced to Ngozi, a college student attending Wakanda University, who comes into contact with the Venom symbiote after a chance encounter with Spidey baddie Rhino. Using the alien parasite to defeat the rampaging Rhino, Ngozi's bravery is recognized by the people of Wakanda, and the young woman is appointed as the new Black Panther. Combining Black Panther's agility and strategy with Venom's ferociousness and strength, this Black Panther Venom is easily one of the strongest iterations of Venom in the multiverse.


Venomsaurus Rex

While there are plenty of things that divide us on this crazy blue marble, there are many things on which we can all agree. For instance, we can all agree Venom is awesome. Additionally, we can likely all concede that T-Rexes are also awesome. So a Venom T-Rex? Well, that's almost too much awesome to handle.

In a now-iconic scene from Old Man Logan, the titular character and Old Man Hawkeye encounter a Venomized T-Rex wandering the war-torn wastes. A speedy getaway ensues, but not before readers get a look at this massive mess of tendrils and teeth. It's a good thing Venomsaurus Rex has stayed in the alternate-reality future it was spawned from, as who knows what kind of damage this alternate-reality Venom could do if it ever made its way into the multiverse.


MegaMorphs Venom

Sometimes, there are ideas so dumb, so completely ridiculous, that the idea manages to move past ridiculous and loop back around to awesome. Such was the case with the utterly ludicrous Mega Morph Venom, a giant, transforming robot version of everyone's favorite alien parasite.

In Mega Morphs, Iron Man recruited heroes such as Spider-Man, The Hulk, and Ghost Rider to aid him in battling the forces of evil in giant, customized robots. Realizing the only way to fight dumb is with more dumb, Dr. Doom recruits a team of villains to jump into their own giant robots to fight the do-gooders. Venom pilots the "Spider-Smasher," a towering titan of metal imbued with all the powers of Venom, just housed in a giant transforming spider robot. Sure, it's silly, but this massive transforming mech Venom is hands-down one of the strongest Venoms in the multiverse.

3 VENOM 2099

Through evolution, a species can shed its worst traits and become better. While this has been observed to happening to plenty of species on Earth, does evolution occur among symbiotes? Turns out, the answer is a resounding "Yes," and it is scary.

By the year 2099, the Venom symbiote has managed to cook up some improvements. Thus, when Kron Stone, older half-brother to Miguel O'Hara, better known as Spider-Man 2099, ends up bonding with the symbiote, he comes to possess a ton of abilities. In addition to the standard super strength and agility, Venom 2099 possesses acidic blood and the ability to shape shift. These skills, mixed with the symbiotes years of experience and knowledge, make Venom 2099 one of the strongest Venoms in the multiverse.


Host Rider Venom

Alright, we know this is the "15 strongest alternate reality Venoms," but if this was a "best alternate reality Venom names" list, the wonderfully named Host Rider would definitely take the top spot. But don't be fooled; the punny name may be great, but Host Rider is one powerful alternate reality Venom.

Debuting in Edge Of Venomverse #3, Host Rider is just what you'd think: a Ghost Rider rocking the Venom symbiote. While you'd think Ghost Rider and symbiotes wouldn't mix, what with the alien goo's aversion to flame, but in this reality, the alien parasite and the demonic curse put aside their differences to fully subjugate their host to seek vengeance on the wicked, allowing Ghost Rider to punish and Venom to feast. Separately, these two entities are powerful, but bring them together, and you've got one of the strongest Venoms in the multiverse.


Symbiote Supreme

We are not exactly sure how this pitch went down in the writer's room when they were trying to create yet another Venom, but we are sure that it was both hilarious and creative.

You'd be hard pressed to find a more powerful symbiote in any reality than Symbiomancer. Debuting in Marvel's IOS fighting game Contest Of Champions, the Symbiote Supreme is an alternate reality Sorcerer Supreme that willingly gave himself to the Venom symbiote in pursuit of more power. Mixing a vast knowledge of magic with the insatiable hunger of the symbiote, this is a baddie not to be trifled with. Just as likely to summon the Bands of Cyttorak as he is to eat your brain, this Symbiotic Sorcerer Supreme is the strongest alternate reality Venom, without a doubt.

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