DC: 10 Times Street Level Heroes Went To Space

The DC Universe has plenty of space to cover with most of its heroes being some type of alien. In DC, the street level heroes are typically associated with the Bat-family, but for this list, the street level characters are based on their power level. If they have enough power to destroy a city block with their own abilities, like Superman or Raven, they don’t count.

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Most of the heroes and villains in the DC Universe have been to space in some way, but here are 10 that are at least interesting. This list counts space visits from across all canons, including television shows, movies, and comics.

10 Batman

Everyone knows how prolific Batman is in his journeys through time, space, and dimensions. As one of the main faces of DC, he must be involved in every major event, even if he is just a guy in a suit.

One of his recent space outings in Batman: Universe saw him on the planet of Thanagar. While chasing after a stolen relic, both Batman and Green Lantern end up prisoners on the home planet of Hawkman and Hawkwoman. Certainly not the first time Bats has been to space, but a recent interesting event given he broke many intergalactic laws on accident by appearing on Thanagar.

9 Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn, introduced as the Joker’s accomplice in Batman: The Animated Series, has made a name for herself in the DC Universe as both a villain and a hero. Her time on the Suicide Squad is what she is most known for, but more often than not, she is teaming up with heroes, especially those in the Bat-family, like Damian Wayne and Barbara Gordon.

During the event, Justice League: No Justice, Harley was one of the many heroes picked by Brainiac to assist in saving the universe. As one of the few human characters, her addition was confusing but welcome nevertheless.

8 Midnighter

Originally from the Wildstorm Universe, Midnighter and his universe ended up merged with mainline DC Universe. Introduced as a more intense version of Batman, and a slight parody on the World’s Finest alongside his husband Apollo, the counterpart to Superman, Midnighter has grown into his own as a hero.

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In the short series, Grifter and Midnighter, the two titular characters accidentally make their way to Mars while following a woman who had betrayed them. Midnighter manages to survive thanks to his slight healing factor and resurrects Grifter from certain death. Also on this trip, he sees two god-like beings mating and has to stop them, so overall not a great Mars visit.

7 Beast Boy

Beast Boy is no stranger to the limelight in his many incarnations, and more so not a stranger to the aliens of the world. In fact, a common backstory and the one being used for Young Justice is that he starred in a Star Trek-like television show.

His time on the Titans team saw him spending too much time in space. After being transformed thanks to the events of Dark Knights: Metal, he had been dealing with a lot of power control problems, including staying permanently hulked out. During Drowned Earth, he and the Titans end up marooned on a distant planet with no hope for rescue.

6 Jonah Hex

The rootin'-tootin' cowboy with a scarred face, Jonah Hex is well known for his shoot first attitude and his necessary staying in his own time and place. Unlike his great-granddaughter Jinny Hex, Jonah hasn’t spent much of his time outside of the past. Until the Adventures of the Super Sons that is.

Technically, it isn’t actually Jonah Hex, but a robot with an A.I. based on Hex. While it isn’t the real deal, he still has the same personality and looks, so he counts for this list. Also, the fact that we’re likely never going to get a real Jonah Hex in space story means this is the definitive one.

5 The Question

Through many iterations, including being one of the Trinity of Sin, a television host, and a detective, Vic Sage has been questioning the DC Universe for a long time. His detective skills often end up matching Batman’s so he has become a great person to go to, at least, when he isn’t dead from smoking.

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In the Justice League Unlimited cartoon series, The Question is introduced as a paranoid hero working to solve all of life’s biggest questions. One of those questions is his place in the Watchtower, which happens to be in space. When he first moves in, he is in awe, but suspicious. Later in the series, he even locks himself in his room on the tower for over two weeks.

4 Mr. Terrific

Mr. Terrific has had a resurgence in popularity, thanks in no small part to his appearance in the Arrowverse. With his own team spinning out of the events of Dark Knights: Metal, Mr. Terrific and the Terrifics go on a journey to find themselves and figure each other out.

Their first shown outing as a team, they get picked up by a space barge and held up by space pirates who have a giant killer squid onboard their ship. Mr. Terrific, who isn’t powered but is typically surrounded by his patented T-Spheres, has to rely on himself and Metamorpho since he is separated from his T-Spheres. He is just a regular guy, but he makes his mark as the team leader.

3 Silk Spectre II

Laurel Jane "Laurie" Juspeczyk took on the mantle of Silk Spectre reluctantly, having been forced to by her mother, the original Silk Spectre, Sally Jupiter. A major part of Laurie’s character was her relationship with Doctor Manhattan, the superhuman, almost god-like being. She originally was happy to retire, but like most heroes eventually do, she came back to the life.

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After her strained relationship with Manhattan ends, he still tries to give her something she doesn’t want. He takes her to Mars so he can show her that he is no longer a part of Earth. After some revelations about Laurie’s past, Manhattan agrees to save Earth, though Ozymandias takes that option and twists it.

2 Red Arrow/Red Hood

This one is technically a twofer because Red Arrow and Red Hood end up in the middle of a space battle that they do not belong in. Roy Harper and Jason Todd, along with Starfire, make up a new team in Red Hood and the Outlaws.

Jason Todd is on a date with a normal girl and Roy and Starfire are cuddling when they are attacked and then transported on a warship. With Starfire taking the helm, the others are left to their own devices in space. Jason finishes his date and Roy gets kidnapped and tortured. While it isn’t a great time in space, the team does grow closer, so there is one positive.

1 Azrael

When Justice League Odyssey was announced, many were surprised by the team members that were traveling to the outer reaches of space. Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz), Starfire, and to an extent, Cyborg, were well received, but the announcement of Azrael as a member of the team confused many.

Jean Paul Valley, most well-known for his role as the replacement Batman in Batman: Knightfall, has been slowly working his way back into herodom alongside other members of the Bat-family. While he is clearly working above his head in space, he manages to bring a human factor to a team full of superheroes.

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