"Street Fighter Unlimited" Takes On "The Walking Dead" In Parody Variant

Udon Entertainment has unleashed new information about "Street Fighter Unlimited" #3, the next installment in the ongoing series. Along with a synopsis for the issue, which retailers can pre-order now before it drops in February, the announcement also reveals the issue's variant covers -- and one will look familiar to "Walking Dead" fans.

Joe Vriens' variant cover for "Street Fighter Unlimited" #3 pays homage to Image's long-running zombie series by referencing the trade dress for the series' collections and featuring a number of fighters from the franchise in undead states.

The issue will also feature another in Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz's series of "Ultra Jam" variants, which combine to form a larger image featuring every playable character in the franchise. The standard cover comes from artist Gonzalo "Genzoman" Ordonez Arias, and another variant by Steven "Kandoken" Mack focuses on Cammy.

The issue from writer Ken Siu-chong and artist Joe Ng will follow Guile, Cammy and Alex as they "travel to Spain to confront the claw-wielding Vega and his deadly new allies." The issue will also feature a bonus story from writer Adam Warren and artist Omar Dogan described as "a school-girl throwdown" that pits "wealthy warrior Karin against nimble ninja Ibuki!"

"Street Fighter Unlimited" #3 is available now for pre-order and arrives in February 2016.

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