"Street Fighter" Manga Are Coming To North America

Toronto, ON – Hot off the success of ONIMUSHA: NIGHT OF GENESIS, Udon is kicking its Capcom Manga line into high gear with three new STREET FIGHTER manga series!

First up, April sees the release of the STREET FIGHTER ALPHA Vol.1(of 2) Manga, an eagerly anticipated manga series finally adapted for the English audience. Fan-favorite characters Like Ryu, Chun-Li and Akuma are brought to life through the explosive story and art of popular manga creator Masahiko Nakamura (Anime: Sadamitsu the Destroyer). Prepare for all-out martial arts action as Street Fighter heroes battle against the forces of the evil Shadaloo crime lord M.Bison.

Next, in June, Udon brings you the STREET FIGHTER II Vol.1(of 3) Manga by popular Japanese artist Masaomi Kanzaki (Xenon, Gun Crisis). For the first time, fans can enjoy this classic manga faithfully adapted, uncut and unedited. See the best fighters from around the world face off in the ultimate martial arts tournament. But behind the scenes, an evil crime boss has a hidden agenda-to use the world's greatest warrior as his next living weapon!

Then in July, the spotlight falls on one of Capcom's loveliest ladies in SAKURA GUNBARU! Vol.1(of 2), a high school action-comedy sure knock your socks off! See how Sakura established herself as one of the most valuable players in the Street Fighter universe. Beautifully illustrated by artist Masahiko Kanzaki, this series also features the introduction of the popular SF Alpha character Karin, Sakura's archrival!

And there are even more new Capcom Manga series just around the corner! Stay tuned to www.CapcomComics.com for the latest news on Udon's Capcom Manga line, as well as previews of each upcoming volume.

STREET FIGHTER ALPHA Vol.1(of 2) Manga (ISBN: 978-1-897376-50-8)

STREET FIGHTER II Vol.1(of 3) Manga (ISBN: 978-0-9781386-1-5)

SAKURA GUNBARU! Vol.1(of 2) Manga (ISBN: 978-1-897376-52-2)

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