Street Fighter V: Everything You Need to Know About E. Honda

The sumo wrestler E. Honda has been part of the Street Fighter family since Street Fighter II: The World Warrior. As the final character of the original eight to be re-introduced to the roster, E. Honda has a long history with the series. He may have not been in every Street Fighter game, but he's an important member of the series and still stands as one of its most iconic fighters.

Now, CBR is taking a look back at everything you need to to know about E. Honda before he returns to the franchise in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.

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Edmond Honda debuted in Street Fighter II: The World Warrior as one of the original eight playable characters. He is a sumo wrestler working towards being the best in the world. In Street Fighter II, he is discouraged that the world does not view sumo wrestling with the same reverence as the Japanese, so he enters the World Warrior tournament to showcase the strength of sumo wrestlers. He also wants to grow stronger and move up his sumo rank from Ozeki to Yokuzuna.

E. Honda's Other Appearances

After the run of Street Fighter II revisions and re-releases, E. Honda didn't make an appearance in  Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams. However, he makes a cameo in Sodom's ending in Street Fighter Alpha 2, which would be referenced in his appearance in Street Fighter Alpha 3.

Honda would return in Alpha 3, which takes place before Street Fighter II, to test his strength against powerful fighters around the world. This includes a rematch with Sodom, whom Honda defeated after he attempted to recruit Honda for a rebuilt Mad Gear gang in Alpha 2. At the end of Alpha 3, Honda meets with Zangief and the two destroy the Shadaloo base. Honda then takes some of the Bison dolls, possibly including Juli and Juni, home to recover from Bison's mind control. In Street Fighter IV, he is once again trying to prove sumo as a prevalent martial art to an international audience.

By the end of the game, he resolves to get sumo competitions on the Olympic Games. It appears that in Street Fighter V, he has now decided to run a bathhouse. Honda is also featured in the Capcom vs. SNK series. In both games, he is once again trying to showcase sumo as a viable martial art to the world. In 1994's live-action Street Fighter movie, Honda is portrayed as an ally of Chun-Li and is her cameraman who also holds a grudge against Shadaloo since they ruined his sumo career. In the animated 1994 movie, he is much like his Street Fighter II self, but joined the tournament for money and helps Ryu and Ken fight Shadowloo by fighting Balrog.


E. Honda is a middle-aged man of surprisingly tall stature due to his bent knee hunched over combat stance. His hair is done in the chonmage style and he has the kabuki kumadori make-up style on his face in red. He wears a white and light blue striped mawashi and red fundoshi underneath, a traditional sumo attire. His outfit doesn't change in Alpha 3, Street Fighter The Movie, Capcom vs. SNK 1 and 2, and Street Fighter IV. However, Street Fighter V changes his outfit slightly. His white and blue striped mawashi is replaced with a blue one with a mountain and clouds design and gold trim. He also now has wraps on his right foot and left arm.

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In Street Fighter IV, his first alternate is another sumo outfit with a different design and a big knot behind his back. The second is a bodysuit with sandals, a hat hanging on his back and a Japanese tile necklace. Next is a kabuki dancer outfit, followed by a samurai o-yoroi outfit without the chestplate and boots. His fifth alternate makes him look like a turtle, and his sixth alternate makes him look like an Oni.

In Street Fighter V, his story costume is a white suit with black dress shoes and a purple and gold undershirt. His Battle outfit is a traditional Ronin outfit in dark blue with a light blue vest and a sword. Finally, his nostalgia costume is the same as his original design.

Fighting Style

E. Honda's fighting style is Japanese-style sumo wrestling. He has great range thanks to his height and is able to counterattack more efficiently than it might seem. He attacks with a lot of open palm slaps and chops and uses his massive body to overwhelm his opponents.

In Street Fighter V, he gains upgrades to his attacks through his V-skill and triggers. Honda's V-skill is hand clap that negates one hit of a projectile and can be canceled into another special move for a fast counterattack. His first V-Trigger gives him a powered-up flying headbutt that has armor and can guard crush. His second V-Trigger buffs his Hundred Hand Slap attack and gives his a new command throw which pushes the enemy to the corner.

Roster Connections

E. Honda and Sodom have a mutual respect for each other, Honda respects Sodom's strength, while Sodom appreciates all aspects of Japanese culture. He is friends with Rufus and Hakan and is also familiar with fellow Japanese warrior Ryu. He has become acquaintances with several fighters during his exploits, including Sakura, Zangief, El Fuerte, Birdie, Rashid, and Laura.

E. Honda is the only one of the original eight world warriors not to appear in the Street Fighter EX spin off series or Street Fighter X Tekken. However, the character Jack-X has an outfit based on E. Honda. In the UDON Street Fighter comic book series, Zangief gives Honda the nickname "Blue Tsunami," similar to his own moniker "Red Cyclone." Honda has owned a bathhouse since his creation, despite his dedication to the business only being made clear in Street Fighter V. He is a connoisseur of Nabe and fancies himself a cook as well.

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