Street Fighter: 10 Chun-Li Cosplays That Kick As Much Butt As She Does

She's the strongest woman in the world and an officer of the law bent on avenging her father's death. Who is the woman? Well, she's none other than Capcom's Chun-Li from Street Fighter. She was brought in to Street Fighter as the very first female in 1968.

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We have cosplayers that have created various ensembles of Chun-Li. These women illustrate the power, strength, and simple beauty of Chun-Li in their own respect. We have cosplay from Street Fighter II, Street Fighter VStreet Fighter Alpha, and some creative Chun-Li cosplay.

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10 Dark Chun-Li

Our first creative cosplay takes the original Street Fighter II Chun-Li and puts her in a black qipao instead of blue. The qipao is a Chinese dress that became popular with women in the 20th century. The idea of putting Chun-Li in black is a fun idea to put her in something that may be perceived as a punk version of her.

Cinder.designs, Texan cosplayer and designer, seems to make the qipao shorter than the original. She also uses black combat boots, which are more realistic instead of the white heeled go-go boots Chun-Li wears in battle in her first original outfit. It's safe to say this cosplay of Chun-Li is functionally ready for kicking butt.

9 Street Fighter Alpha I

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💙 Is this the moment that you have been waiting for? 😊✌🏻 . 📷: @doubletake_productions . . What is defeat? Nothing but education. Nothing but the first step to something better. ~Bruce Lee🐉 . As some of you know, it was a dream of mine to be Chun Li in Joey Ansah's Street Fighter TV series. I have been informed that another was cast for the role. Although I am very happy for the one who was casted... that didn't stop my heart from sinking or the tears from flowing for the next 3 hours... I didn't realize how badly I wanted it until that very moment. . To say that I was discouraged from continuing this journey is to put it extremely lightly. To say that I felt like my Chun Li path dead-ended right then and there didn't compare to the feeling of that figurative knife to my heart. . Luckily, I had people in my life reminding me that I am "the real Chun Li"... that I don't just play her when on screen or when at conventions... but that I live life to embody her beauty and her strength, day in and day out, each and every single day. . I may have been passed up for this opportunity, but I owe it to everyone else who believes in me to keep going... to do my best in bringing Chun Li to life... to honor her, to respect her, and to infuse her Legacy with love and life. . It hurts like hell, but I know that to many of you, I am the real deal. Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for encouraging me. And thank you for reminding me that I am the real Chun Li for you. . I don't know what's next, but I know that there are at least 5,000 of you who see something in me 🙏🏻🙂 . So, I will keep fighting for you 🥊 I will continue to be the Strongest Woman in the World 🌸 And I will continue, happily, to live and share life in beauty and in love.

A post shared by Chun Li (春麗) 🌸 (@chunlicosplay) on

In this period of the Street Fighter series, the tracksuit outfit lived for only a short time as Chun-Li's primary outfit. The outfit became a symbol of nostalgia for Chun-Li in Street Fighter V. The video game outfit consists of a vest, long pants, and track style shoes.

Jia Wei is a devout Chun-Li cosplayer, so much so that her only cosplay is Chun-Li. Wei's featured in a one-piece tracksuit and basketball style shoes which is a little different from the original outfit in the video game. Though Wei's cosplay is a subtle mix of her own creativity, that does not discount her cosplay kicking as much butt as the real Chun-Li.

8 Street Fighter Alpha II

Fanini_rb fabulously recreates the original Street Fighter Alpha Chun-Li tracksuit. She has the ensemble constructed as a two-piece with the vest, pants, athletic shoes, and oversized bracelets. Her personal look is close to the way Chun-Li looks, except she has a more feminine face. Fanini_rb's exact recreation kicks butt like Chun-Li.

Outside of Fanini_rb's cosplay, she is part of the Devil's Squad and Fuera Del Control.

7 Creative Athletic Chun-Li

Another creative spin on Chun-Li is more athletic. Ccthegeek uses inspiration from the original Street Fighter II look. We have the original color blue, the bracelets, and the ribbons for the "ox-horn," hairstyle. The "ox-horn," hairstyle is the way Chinese children style their hair. The hashtags in her post suggest that her look is Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) inspired. This may be to give Chun-Li a modern twist in a sport version.

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Ccthegeek is the founder and CEO of HBCU Con, a nonprofit organization that celebrates "art, culture, scholarship, and integrity," and the founder of BSU Alternative Spring Break, "an empowering service learning experience." She's also a writer, model, and part of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority.

6 Street Fighter II - I

Here we have a completely and perfectly recreated original Street Fighter II Chun-Li. The first original Chun-Li first had heeled white boots but was then changed to white combat boots instead. Aly Brazil has the body type, face, and prowess of the real Chun-Li.  Outside of cosplay, Brazil loves fashion and anime. Aly maybe plans to attend Anifest, Sakuracon, and Fanime.

5 Street Fighter V

Our first Street Fighter V Chun-Li comes from Katy, a cosplayer from Singapore. She brilliantly recreates Chun-Li in a seemingly authentic setting along with the help of her photographer Xen Yoo Jie Shen. She's got the build for a kick butt Chun-Li. Outside of cosplay, Katy loves anime, video games, comic books, pastels, and cats.

4 Street Fighter II - II

Our second Street Fighter II exact rendition of Chun-Li was created by Maddy of California. Maddy has the build of Chun Li but with a soft, more feminine face while photographer Jess places Maddy with a cherry blossom background, which is flower associated with Asian countries. With the homage to authenticity and the clear near perfection of the Chun-Li cosplay gives off a kick butt vibe. Maddy's next con is going to be Anime Expo.

3 Street Fighter Alpha III

Our last Street Fighter Alpha Chun-Li has an action-packed feel. Vampybitme shows focus, prowess, and is actually posing in a street (referencing the name of the video game). Vampybitme shows either a post-attack stance, or she's building up for an attack, which leaves the audience up to speculative interpretation. Either way, Vampybitme's cosplay is a kick butt rendition of Chun-Li.

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Outside of cosplay, Vampybitme loves model kits, gaming, mecha, and metal. Her next cons are JapanTouch France and Fanime.

2 Street Fighter V

This might be the coolest pose out there when it comes to illustrating Chun-Li in a real-life form. Lenedoes chose the Street Fighter V Chun-Li, and recreated a pose that looks difficult to accomplish. If you look closely at the arm holding her up, you can see her muscles working. Lenedoes impresses by keeping a calm and collected face while exceptionally executing an actual fighting stance. This is one kick butt cosplay that's sure to defeat M. Bison.

Lenedoes is, of course, a cosplayer, self-proclaimed geek and sports fanatic. She also enjoys video games. She plans to maybe attend Anime Con.

1 Fan Art Chun-Li

The top Chun-Li cosplay that kicks as much butt as she does is a creative rendition is a cosplay made by none other than the legendary Yaya Han. She used a design by Deviantart artist Razvan-Sedekiah. Han uses a light shade of blue and decorates Chun-Li's qipao to create a more feminine look. The photo edited by Darshelle Stevens shows the fantasy aspect of Chun-Li's power, accompanied by the power stance. This rendition by Han exemplifies "the strongest woman in the world."

Han is a Cndeus Cosplay Entrepreneur. She also has cosplay patterns you can buy at stores like Jo-Ann Fabrics in partnership with McCall's Patterns.

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