Streaky the Super-Cat is Krypto's [SPOILER] In DC Comics' Rebirth

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Super Sons Annual #1 by Peter J. Tomasi and Paul Pelletier, on sale now.

DC Comics' has ensured that no animals have been ignored in the making of its Rebirth initiative – Krypto has been a prominent character in the Superman titles, Bat-Cow has come out of the barn, and even Detective Chimp has been seen swinging around the corners of the DC Universe.

Peter J. Tomasi and Paul Pelletier's Super Sons Annual #1, in fact, not only features Krypto in a starring role, but also reintroduces another Kryptonian super-pet into Rebirth continuity. No, Beppo the Super-Monkey and Comet the Super-Horse remain in the figurative Phantom Zone, but Krypton's second-most notorious domesticated animal makes her Rebirth debut. That's right, Streaky the Super-Cat is revealed to have a place in the DC Universe, and it's none other than Krypto himself who has played a large part in her disappearance.

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Krypto and Streaky – Super-Pals, Or Something More?

Not only has Streaky been secretly skulking around parks and back alleys, it's revealed that she had once been part of something much bigger. Yes, DC's Rebirth has its own incarnation of the Super-Pets, and both Krypto and Streaky were once members, alongside some other familiar and not-so-familiar furry and feathered friends. When some of Gotham's pets turn up missing, the news triggers Krypto's urge to reunite the now-defunct team (which also includes Detective Chimp, Bat-Cow, Titus the Bat-Hound, and debuts Flexi the Plastic Bird) to find Gotham's lost canines. However, some unpleasant history between Krypto and Streaky makes their reunion go about as smoothly as any other encounter one might imagine between a dog and a cat.

The Super-Pets last mission is shown to have resulted in the death of one of its members – the previously unknown Clay Critter – which subsequently led to the super-team's breakup. It also appears that Krypto and Streaky had a breakup of their own; whether one split had anything to do with the other is unclear, although those are two stories begging to be told in a future annual or miniseries (hint, hint). Yes, in Rebirth, super-dogs and cats really do live together, or at least they used to, as the encounter between Krypto and Streaky carries all the tension of an awkward reunion between two ex-partners – even Bruce Wayne's recent meeting with Talia al-Ghul wasn't this uncomfortable.

Everybody Loves Streaky

Like a guy whose best friend now has eyes for his one-time girl after they've broken up, Krypto growls and snarls his way through his ensuing argument with Streaky until his so-called pal Titus steps in to cool things off. Things now seem to instantly heat up, though between Titus and Streaky, although the fickle Streaky makes it clear that some feelings for Krypto remain, despite their past drama. The Super-Pets successful completion of their mission indicates that the team's reunion, hopefully, might not just be a one-off – the potential for a Krypto/Streaky/Titus love triangle holds way too much promise not to be addressed.

If there's room in Rebirth for a Super-Dog and a Bat-Cow, then there's surely a place for a Super-Cat, and by extension, a team of Super-Pets. After all, such a team hasn't been seen in over three decades – a realigned and often overly serious post-Crisis DC Universe was no place for super-pets, and the New 52 spent all its efforts on retooling its main characters. Rebirth has been the first attempt in decades by DC Comics to fully embrace its history rather than simply rewrite it, and the overall fun and brighter vibe of the initiative makes it the perfect place and time to maintain a team of super-pets.

Or at least a Krypto/Streaky crimefighting duo.

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