Stray Bullets' David and Maria Lapham Bring Lodger to IDW's Black Crown Imprint

Lodger, a new psychological thriller series by Stray Bullets’ David and Maria Lapham, has been announced by IDW Publishing's Black Crown imprint.

Black Crown, IDW’s creator-owned imprint, made the announcement at Comic-Con International in San Diego yesterday. Created by David and Maria Lapham, the creative team behind the long-running, Eisner Award-winning Stray Bullets, Lodger is described as a “pulse-pounding game of cat-and-mouse,” as a young woman hunts the serial killer that murdered her mother.

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“Lodger” is the alias of a handsome drifter with an uncanny ability to change his appearance, a talent he uses to serial-murder his way through the Midwest, under the guise of being a travel blogger. The story picks up as he’s being chased across the country by teenager Ricky Toledo, who fell for the drifter years before – only for Lodger to kill her mother and frame her father.

“When it comes to crime fiction in any medium, one name remains unparalleled,” Black Crown editor Shelly Bond said. “The Laphams bring over twenty years of blood, guts, and glory to Black Crown with this lurid tale of lust, secret identities, and sweet revenge."

"David and I rarely have time to work on stories that don’t fit into Stray Bullets continuity,” co-writer Maria Lapham added, “but Shelly Bond and Ricky Toledo had other ideas. Lodger is a twisted love story – dark and grimy — like all the best crime noir. We can’t wait for readers to see it."

Lodger is set to be released in October.

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