Strangeways: The Thirsty - Week of 2/16

This week: more new faces and scratching a little deeper into What To Do About Drytown's Odious Residents, and a few new faces.  Hey speaking of Odious Residents, I wonder what the inhabitants of Drytown are up to anyways?  Seems to be they should be a touch more...proactive.  Well that's what this week is for.  Take a look, why don't you, starting Monday.

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Oh, and as a reminder, for those of you reading the weekly updates, I'll be at Wonder-Con in San Francisco, Friday through Sunday this week.  Stop by and say hi (I'll even let you read ahead to the end of chapter two of the story, if you want to get a jump on things).  In addition, I'll be doing written sketches ('cause you don't want to see me draw stuff), much in the manner of artists doing convention sketches.  It's an experiment, but one that I want to give a try to.  Of course, there'll be copies of MURDER MOON there for convention special pricing (retailers are welcome and encouraged to stop by.)

As always, stop by the archives page to catch all the story of THE THIRSTY from the beginning.

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