Strangeways: The Thirsty Review

With the initial orders for your local retailers due this Thursday night, now is the perfect time to remind them that you'd like a copy of Matt Maxwell's new book, Strangeways: The Thirsty.

This second volume of Strangeways picks up where the last one left off. I reviewed the last one here. It is the story of a man named Seth Collins who is trying to find his sister in the Old West and keeps getting caught up in fights with first werewolves (Book 1) and now vampires (Book 2).

One of the coolest things that Maxwell does with his stories is play up the fact that no one knows what the heck these creatures are and they certainly don't know how to kill them.

Seth comes across a messed up situation in a town. He saves a man who was being used as bait for strangers, only the man is bit. He tells his story...

Gruesome stuff.

The man, of course, turns into a vampire and Seth has no idea how to stop him. Luckily, there is a stranger in town who DOES know...

The rest of the main story (which is drawn by the art team of Gervasio and Jok) is Seth and his newfound frontier friends trying to save their small town from a group of vampires (one of whom has a familial connection to the stranger above who knows so much about vampires).

Maxwell's trademark with these Strangeways volumes so far is that the lead story is an action drama with Seth and various folks fighting against supernatural creatures. Then, in the back-up story, Maxwell will give us the origin of the bad guy and it almost always gives you a whole new appreciation for the bad guy you just learned to hate.

Here, the art is by Luis Guaragna, who did the lead story in the first volume. I was not a fan of his work there, but here it is a good deal more lush and vibrant. It was an enjoyable story of the downfall of an average man.

The great Alex Sheikman does the cover and chapter breaks. He is amazing, as always.

This was a enjoyable story with strong artwork. Well worth a read. Here is the code you can give your retailer to order it (you can give it to them AFTER Thursday night, as well, so long as it is before the Final Order Cutoff of the book, but better to just give it to them now): FEB121066

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