Strangeways: The Thirsty - Page 110

Stay tuned for information about an upcoming STRANGEWAYS-related appearance. Or just read the page. Up to you.

Looks like someone went and rung the dinner bell, it does.

Okay, this Saturday, the 23rd, I'll be appearing at the Grand Re-Opening of Bizarro World comics in Davis, CA. I'll be signing books, and will have preview books for THE THIRSTY (which contain all of Chapter 1, some art pages from the upcoming "Red Hands" and MURDER MOON art as well) and trying to bedazzle anyone who'll give me ten seconds to do so. Oh, and world famous Five Minute Stories, too. Here's the info:

Bizarro World

223 E St.

Davis CA 95616



Looks like things kick off at about 6:30. Plenty of time to drive in from out of town and enjoy the lovely weather we have in the Sacramento/Davis area this time of year.

That's a joke, kids. It's been 40 degrees and raining since Saturday, with no sign of abating. Hopefully it'll cheer up by then.

See y'all next week.

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