Strangeways: The Thirsty - Page 082

Chapter three comes to a conclusion today.  And if you want to win yourself a copy of the first Strangeways OGN, just keep reading!



Okay, that doesn't look so good.  Sure, the Vampires are being held off, but I see that lasting about as long as a parasol in monsoon season.  And that Sheriff's gone clear around the bend.

And now to the giveaway, which will be the last one until chapter four starts up in about five weeks. On this page we're told that you have to remove what part of a vampire's body to make sure it's good and dead.  Protip: panel one spells it out for you. Send mail to me, that's strangeways@highway-62.com and put "Murder Moon Contest" in the subjectline (the link should do this for you). Put the answer in the body of the message. Do this before midnight on Thursday. Then you'll be entered in this week's drawing. Winners announced on Friday.

With the conclusion of this chapter, we'll be taking a little break while art is finished and I continue to shepherd the book through the publication process.  Sure, putting this out on the internet for all you fine folks to read is reward in and of itself.  But I'm still old-fashioned, and want to have a copy of THE THIRSTY up on the shelf, just like I'm sure a bunch of you do (not to mention, printed up bigger and not having to strain your eyes on the screen).  So that's the priorty at the moment.

In the meantime, I'll be running the first chapter of MURDER MOON in the regular timeslot, MWF at 1pm.  I'd like to add some commentary as well, give you folks another peek behind the curtain.  I'll try to avoid the whole "how STRANGEWAYS came to be" issues and stick to the story.  That'll continue into the summer convention season.  Even if you've read the book before, you won't have read it like this, so keep on tuning in.

There'll be a Friday feature this week, as well as announcement of the winner of the current MURDER MOON giveaway, so check back then.

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