Strangeways: The Thirsty - Page 076

While it's quiet inside the bar, as Father Murphy gets down to sanctifyin', outside is another story.



Who needs holy water when you've got nitroglycerin?

And the winner of this week's copy of MURDER MOON is EJurgensen hailing all the way from Yahoo.com!  Congratulations, your copy will be in the mail, right after I get back from Monsterpalooza 09, featuring guests like Jim Warren, Basil Gogos, Alex Nino, the guys from GUMBY and DEAD AHEAD, Bernie Wrightson, and a whole host of other monster folk.  I'm kind of amazed to be in that kind of company, really.  I guess they didn't check my credentials out.

The comics return on Monday, and I'll probably post a writeup as well, if not here, then over on Highway 62.  Looking forward to the show, and to the chance to sneak back to the San Fernando Valley.  The one and only Coop is having a showing over on the other side of the hill, which I'd really like to go see, but short of a miracle (or me playing hooky), I don't think will happen.

See you then!

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