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You want to win a copy of MURDER MOON?  Sure you do.  Just keep reading.

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I'm thinking the preacher's done been born again.

Okay, the contest this week. Back to Drytown.  Collins' first visit there finds him in a derelict hotel.  And there's something there besides the creepy inkeeper that bothers him. What's bugging Collins? Protip: you can find the answer on this page. Send mail to me, that's strangeways@highway-62.com and put "Murder Moon Contest" in the subjectline (hopefully the link does this for you already). Put the answer in the body of the message. Do this before midnight on Thursday. Then you'll be entered in this week's drawing. Winners announced on Friday.

If you want to catch up on the whole story, hit the archive page.

As noted ealier, we'll be moving to a two-page-a-week schedule shortly.  There's a couple reasons for this, but they all come back to me, so I'll take the heat for it.  I will try to add some extra value on the day that we'll be missing, but not entirely sure how.  Didn't get much of a response from the behind-the-scenes material, which leads me to believe that people just want the stories and don't care about how they're made.  If I'm wrong in this, please let me know by way of the comments.

Oh, and finally, I've revamped Highway 62's weblog.  The old bookmarks should redirect to the new site, but go here and reset your feeds if necessary.

See you on Friday.

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