Strangeways: The Thirsty - Page 074

I know that we're heading into a long weekend and all, but I gotta say that entries were light for this week's giveaway. I'll see what I can do about fixing that while you folks go on ahead and read page 74 of THE THIRSTY.

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Looks like we're gonna need a streetsweeper soon enough.

So, congratulations to Bryan Fisher, this week's winner of a copy of MURDER MOON. Tune in next week on Wednesday for a chance to win your own copy.

Next Friday will see me in Burbank at the site of Monsterpalooza, which I'm looking forward to, not only from the obvious cultural anthropology standpoint, but as a chance to meet a bunch of new folks who probably haven't heard of the book before (not that that's such a hard thing to find these days.) Looks like they'll have a ton of interesting guests, and it might even give me a chance to actually begin to catch up on what's going on in the world of straight horror, as opposed to genre-bending exercises like my own. I'm sure I've missed a bunch of good stuff in the last several years (a wife who dislikes horror movies and kids too young to watch them will do that to you.)

See you all next week.

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