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Oh yes, don't worry.  There's a MURDER MOON contest this week. Just keep reading.

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Man, that was cold.  It's like those vampires didn't even care or anything.

Okay, the contest this week. After escaping the vampires of Drytown, Collins and the luckless driver make it to Cedar Creek.  Collins is offered a drink when the dust settles.  What does he want to drink?  Protip: you can find the answer on this page. Send mail to me, that's strangeways@highway-62.com and put "Murder Moon Contest" in the subjectline (hopefully the link does this for you already). Put the answer in the body of the message. Do this before midnight on Thursday. Then you'll be entered in this week's drawing. Winners announced on Friday.

If you want to catch up on the whole story, hit the archive page.

There's some changes on the horizon for THE THIRSTY here.  One of them will very likely lead to a slowed publication schedule.  I'm not particularly pleased about it, but I can say that the updates will stay regular this way.  After Chapter 3 finishes, there'll be two updates a week and a third bonus feature on Fridays (which will also lead to the announcement of the MURDER MOON winner for the week as well.)  There's many other exciting developments that I can't discuss yet, but let's just say that I've seen what might be a little piece of the future, and it looks very promising (and very cool.)

See you on Friday.

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