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If you're in San Francisco this weekend, be sure to stop by booth 1240 at Wonder-Con to say "Howdy" (geez, it's a western, whaddya expect?). I might even draw a smiley face in a cowboy hat or something befitting my level of draftsmanship. I'll have copies of Murder Moon for the usual convention discount, and if you happen to be a retailer, I'm sure we can work out some kind of useful arrangement (though really, I'd prefer to lavish you with gimmes and have you order the books through Diamond.) The weekly update page should go up as scheduled. Should.

Oh, and remember, I'll be trying my written sketch experiment (got a brand new pad of pretty nice paper to write 'em out on if you don't want them in a sketchbook.) I'll try to get to wandering about the floor to visit friends and colleagues, but I don't have an intern for this go-round to mind the table whilst I wander. And, given my position, convention attendance/presentation is a big chunk of my ability to get the word out to folks not on the internet (one that will only get more important given the changes in the Diamond process of late.)

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