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Oh, what I'm up to?  More of THE THIRSTY.  Should be lettering the third chapter shortly.  And, ahem, tweaking the second chapter letters now that I look at it.  Also writing the third story.  Well, pre-writing, which means generating a mountain of text that you'll never see on the page.  It's crucial work, but frustrating in that it's all underground, so to speak, and doesn't actually start counting script pages up.  But once that's nailed, the script pages flow pretty quickly.

Also working on some bonus feature-type material, including some script-to-page process for you process junkies out there.  Maybe even some digressions into some of the more...immaterial aspects of working on the book.

Oh yeah, I gotta get my stuff together for Wonder-Con, too.  Then Seattle, then Portland.  Maybe Hero's World, too.  Then San Jose.

Still, not quite as many shows as last year, what with Wizard LA on hold and no BEA in LA for the forseeable future.

Hmm.  Maybe I should get back to work now.

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