Strangeways: The Thirsty - Friday wrap

1) Yes it's late.  This has not been my best week.  I'll beg forgiveness but can't apologize for real life.

2) The winner of this week's contest is E Jurgensen, hailing all the way from yahoo.com.  Congratulations, sir.  My agents will be in contact with you regarding the address to send your copy of MURDER MOON to.

3) I clearly don't have enough to do.  When I'm not fumbling deadlines, I'm trying to arrange a home for the collection of THE THIRSTY.  My bets is that it'll be the venerable Highway 62 Press once again.  Of course, this is only possible due to the hard work of the artists involved, Gervasio/Jok and Luis Guaragna, both of whom have informed me that artwork should be completed this summer.

4) Busily assembling artists for the third book, tentatively entitled THE LAND WILL KNOW (one of about four working titles that I call it, depending on which one I happen to remember at any given time.)  I think that all the stories, and it's an anthology, have artists attached.  Or I have a large enough pool of artists that all the stories will be covered, depending on how you wish to look at it.  I'll preview them in the coming weeks, here and over at my blog.  Gervasio and Jok will return for a story entitled "Dry Heart", which if you've been paying attention, you'll remember as what would've been issue #7 of the STRANGEWAYS series.  Not that it ever got solicited, mind you, but that was the plan.  It looks a little like this:

5) Just for you readers of THE THIRSTY, I've made up a short mixtape over at 8tracks.com.  Perfect for reading alongside your favorite western/horror series that isn't HIGH MOON.  Give it a listen, why don't you?

6) I clearly need minions.  Anyone have any minions for sale or hire?

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