Strangeways: The Thirsty - Friday Update 6/12

This week's bonus material takes us back to "Lone", the second feature in the MURDER MOON graphic novel.

Interesting to see how they add character in the simple shapes so that you can still keep track of characters that, let's face it, really look the same.  This is why they're drawing and I'm not. You can see their whole story in STRANGEWAYS: MURDER MOON, in the story "Lone", which takes the familiar werewolf story and turns it inside-out.

Oh, the winner of this week's contest is Matt Bradshaw from the isthmuses of Gmail.  Give him a big hand!

Hope to start showing off artists for THE LAND WILL KNOW (aka STRANGEWAYS book 3) next week.  At least the samples that helped land them the job. We'll see what comes of that. Need to exert more energy in getting the second book shepherded through the birthing and distribution process, though. But there will be something...interesting every Friday during the serial's run.

And since we are coming to the end of a chapter, there will be a brief hiatus, which according to my calculations will start the week after next.  I'll still be around, though.  Don't you fret about that.

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