Strangeways: The Thirsty - 9/11

No page today, as we're on a two page a week schedule for the foreseeable future.

There is a winner for this week's MURDER MOON contest.  That would be Sparrow Morgan from the megacontinent of Gmail.com.

Entries this week were light.  Another week like this and I'll be rethinking this whole thing.  Though I find it weird that free comics aren't appealing to people who are already reading free comics.  But the world's a weird place.

More after this here jump.

In other news, I'm gearing up the machine for the release of THE THIRSTY in Spring of 2010.  I'm anticipating another fabulous Highway 62 Press edition, but have a couple of avenues open to me.  In truth, self-publishing may make the most sense out of all of them.  May.  In the meantime, I've been gathering up a retailer list for whom I'll be arranging packages to go out on solicitation of the collected book.  Assuming it gets solicited (can't bank on that just yet.)

All the news of the last couple weeks has a potentially huge impact on creators like me, though it might not seem immediately obvious.  Things could be great and the larger media companies could find a way to drive readers into the DM.  That could happen.  That would be a huge impact.  I don't want to discuss other scenarios, as I've been accused of being a gleeful Cassandra several times this week.  Leave it to say that when Brian Hibbs said that "Chances are that, by 2012, nothing in comics will even remotely resemble what it does today" I think he's going to be off by a year or so.  But it'll be impossible to guess what that'll look like until we start getting some more tea leaves to read.  And in truth, I regard the departure of Paul Levitz from the position of Publisher to be of far more immediate and lasting impact to the DM than the Disney/Marvel news of last week.  This isn't partisanship.  This is a fact.

I still hope to be able to sell well into the DM, since that's what I'm working on right now.  All the same, it's unsettling to be trying to build a sandcastle when the tide seems to be shifting underneath it.

Back with new pages next Monday.  Though I've been thinking about it and a two-page-a-week schedule may dictate a Tu-Th release schedule.  Seems more reasonable, but maybe that's just my inner college student trying to balance classes so that he could have four day weekends every week...

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