<i>Strangeways</i> teaser: "Red Hands"

Matt Maxwell, writer of the comic Strangeways that we've been serializing here all year, provides a bit of glimpse into the past and future of the series with this teaser image from a story called "Red Hands."

Matt explains the image:

From the final chapter of The Thirsty, which tells the tale of Raphael Guzman de Medina,also known as the terror of Drytown and Cedar Creek. "Red Hands" tells the story of how he went from being a simple merchant's son to a monster, driven by his own thirsts and his inability to keep them in check.

Oh, and in Strangeways, vampires don't run from the church. Instead, they burn churches down.

Look for "Red Hands" to begin after the fifth chapter of "The Thirsty" wraps up this spring.

The art is by Luis Guragna, better known as the main artist from Strangeways: Murder Moon, from Matt Maxwell's script. Get caught up on Strangeways right here.

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