Strangeways: Murder Moon - Page 5

Back from vacation, so automated posting has ceased.  Though I'll admit that it was awfully convenient.  I may have to do more of that in the future.

Without further blather, however, is page 5 of the MURDER MOON preview that'll be running over the summer.

Commentary after the jump.

Here we get a good look at the kind of grace that Luis uses to draw the werewolf.  Instead of a big hulking brute (which the wolf does appear as from time to time), he’s all agility and focused strength.

Webster continues to be bothered by something that he won’t really talk about directly, maybe he feels that Collins won’t believe him?  Maybe it’s too frightening to talk about?  But we do get the feeling that he knows about the wolf and that the stories really do get to him.  Collins isn’t taking any of it.

And we get a little payoff from Webster’s dialogue a couple of pages back too.  I’m pretty sure I totally planned that.

I will say that the page ends up being more interesting than it probably has any right to be, since the script is effectively “two guys talking on a stagecoach”.  Sure, there’s the shot of the wolf at the start to show that they’re actively being pursued.  So the reader gets to know something that the characters can only suspect.  That’s suspense, baby!

Okay, well, at least it was an attempt at suspense.

I do like how the last two panels turned out, neatly elapsing time as Collins makes his way to the stagecoach’s interior.

Man, this lettering is getting painful to look at.  Those balloons are sooo wide.  Too bad I have other, far more important things, to take care of instead of fixing lettering on a book that will likely not need reprinting for a long time.

Back on Friday.  And remember, I can’t answer questions if there aren’t any asked.  Feel free to jump in on the comments section and ask me what the hell I was thinking.

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