The 10 Strangest Power Rangers Toys Of All time

Every franchise that manages to reach mild success ends up finding several ways to expand its profit channels. We all know Disney is particularly good at this - who doesn't own a lightsaber or a Lion King stuffed animal? But Disney is only one of the many companies who have mastered the art of coming up with merchandise that further exploits its successes.

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The problem with this is that, quite often, in the blind struggle to come up with these items, some pretty weird things can end up coming out into the public. Some of these items make so little sense that even die-hard fans of a given franchise will have trouble finding any utility or value in them. Pretty much every company can fall victim to this, and today, we're tackling a franchise that has gone through several owners. Nowadays, the Power Rangers franchise is in the hands of Hasbro, and we'll go through the list of ten extremely weird Power Rangers toys out there.

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10 The Foam Morph Blade

We begin this list with a strange toy that's truly worthy of the designation. Granted, every child who is a fan of the Power Rangers franchise would love to possess an object that would make them feel as powerful as their favorite characters. And of course, no one would expect Hasbro to come out with a sharp blade who would be capable of cutting through anything!

However, this attempt at creating a morph blade falls a little short. Although children do tend to have fun with the weirdest objects, a blade made of foam that closely resembles a closed umbrella doesn't quite make the cut. Plus, the baby blue and white design just don't make sense at all! At least it's 24 inches long, so it's saving grace relies more on the fact that it's not a miniature.

9 The Power Rangers Candles

How far is too far? Well, perhaps the Power Rangers candles aren't the furthest the franchise has gone in order to maximize profit in the form of merchandise, but it's still a little bit weird. We get the attempt of the foam blade - at least it resembles a weapon, and even though it looks funnier that threatening, could be worse.

The candles, however, are just plain nonsense. The best use for them is a birthday party, but honestly, how much fun can a little kid have with a Power Ranger themed candle? That looks just a tad creepy, on top of that? The answer is not much, especially considering it burns out - you know, like most candles tend to.

8 The Red Ranger Sound Effect Mask

If the candles look creepy enough as it if, my oh my, what can be said about this mask. The Power Rangers franchise has been around for decades, and for the amount of time it has been a part of our lives, many masks, outfits, and badass cosplays have come out in its honor. Most of them were actually phenomenal and made immense justice to the franchise that many people hold so dear to their hearts.

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This Red Ranger mask is almost an affront to the legacy of Power Ranger cosplay. You can see the eyes of the person who is wearing it, and the lips are drawn is actually frightening. To top it all enough, in an attempt to make this disturbing object more appealing, it makes a bunch of questionable battle sounds.

7 The Power Rangers Dino Charge Mega Favor Pack

Everybody loves parties, right? Especially theme parties! Although we don't really have statistics on this, it's safe to assume that, over the years, many die-hard fans of the Power Rangers franchise, both children and adults, have thrown themed parties on the subject. Cosplay, games, cards, you name it - everything was there!

Of course, the companies behind the franchise knew this and were quick to come out with a few questionable items that they thought anyone would want for their Ranger parties. perhaps one of the weirdest things were these mega favors packs. The bottom line is, they don't really make much sense? What's with the plastic balls? And the rulers? Points for imagination, though.

6 Girl Power Ranger's Patches

If they did candles, does it come as a huge surprise that the Power Rangers franchise also attempted to venture into the world of fashion? Probably not. And probably the word fashion isn't the best one to use in this context, considering we're just talking about patches. It's as much of a toy as everything else on this list because does point it to have fun...kind of.

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Even Power Ranger collectors would stop for a second before going about acquiring something like this. There isn't much value in the patch, and although it is beautifully crafted (power to the artist) it's not exactly the most relevant thing a fan can own. It does have the ability to make your jean jacket look cooler, though.

5 The Sense Of Right Alliance

Look, this one takes the cake for what is perhaps one of the weirdest combinations of toys to ever appear on this Earth. We'd love to know what was going through the mind of the person who invented this. Sure, you have the Avengers, you have Justice League...heck, you even have Suicide Squad, which is a pretty combination by itself (but badass nonetheless).

The Sense of Right Alliance, though, it's just a whole other thing. Why would someone take Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man, and think it was a good idea to pair them with the Blue Ranger and, the star of this show, Shrek? It's absolutely hilarious and yes, strange to say the least.

4 The Red Ranger Activity Kit

This one is just an absolute mystery. The Red Ranger is arguably the favorite Ranger amongst fans, which explains the huge amount of merchandise we can find dedicated to this one particular character. Of course, we're not suggesting the other Rangers aren't equally important or beloved, only that they didn't spark the same amount of fascination as the Red Ranger did.

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And a great example of this fascination if this very strange toy. In Amazon, it's described as an activity kit. However, the only thing you seem to be getting is a small toy of the Red Ranger, along with something that resembles an object for shooting practice made out of plastic. What's the point? No one knows. Does it exist nonetheless? Yes, it does.

3 The Ninja Steel Power Star Nitro Zord Pack

Okay, for this one, we had to cut the name short for the sake of title length. In good Internet commerce fashion, the original name of this toy is Power Rangers Ninja Steel Ninja Power Star Nitro Zord Pack. And what is this incredible set of objects, you might ask? Well, nothing more nothing less than two ninja stars and a launcher.

You're probably getting some weirdly familiar Beyblade vibes with this one. We can't blame you since there really isn't much of a Power Rangers' thing going on with these ninja stars beside the packaging and the images. Still, it isn't as much of a weird crossover as The Sense of Right Alliance.

2 The Power Rangers Pull String Piñata

Parties do seem to be a recurring theme for strange Power Rangers related toys, but hey, we don't make the rules. Truth be told, piñatas have been the staple of a successful and fun party of any kind for many decades, so why not throw a picture of your favorite heroes on one, and beat it with a bat until it bursts and candy comes out?

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That might sound a little bit too violent, but it's exactly the point of a piñata after all. This is probably the last resort for the company behind Power Rangers. It's a good trick if you ever find yourself responsible for creating merchandise for a well-known brand! If you're out of ideas for what to sell, just turn it into a piñata and call it day.

1 Power Rangers In Space

Power Rangers In Space was an amazing season of the show. It aired back in the late 90s, and due to its popularity, it's only natural that you can find more than a handful of toys dedicated to this particular chunk of the show. But this set of toys is just about enough to make you want to quit on the entire merchandise industry because it's bad.

The amalgamation of things that are going on here is outright hilarious. You have the title, and you have the pictures of the rangers on top. But then, for some unknown reason, Mr. Incredible is there two? And the actual toys are just a random collection of green and yellow Batman miniatures? Yes, this one definitely gets the award for the weirdest toy. Congrats!

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