'Strangers in Paradise Omnibus' to get softcover edition

To help mark the 20th anniversary of Strangers in Paradise, Terry Moore is at last releasing a softcover version of the mammoth omnibus collection, featuring two books (2,128 total pages) in a boxed slipcase. A hardcover edition was published five years ago, but burned through its 1,250 copies immediately.

"To make that edition, I carefully went over every page and corrected art, spelling, errors, removed all censorship (words and images) and I rearranged some scenes to put them in perfect chronological order," Moore writes on his blog. "No other tpb or pocket edition got this final edit. The story reads perfectly. The Omnibus is my final version."

Priced at $100 -- "That’s 4 cents a page for a labor of love I spent 14 years making," he explains -- the Strangers in Paradise Omnibus also will have a limited run: Moore and his wife, and Abstract Studio publisher, Robyn have committed to printing 5,000 copies -- and it's being solicited in April for a June release. All pre-orders receive an exclusive print.

"I really need fan support on this!" Moore writes. "Please, pre-order from us or put serious, persistent pressure on your comic shop—they have so many other books to think about. You have to DEMAND this book from your retailers in advance or you’re going to be left empty-handed. If they won’t order it, don’t argue—many shops only order from the Top 100 list — just order direct from us or a SiP friendly retailer on-line. There are many to choose from! It’s VERY important we sell this book. We’re financially committed and can’t back out. Even if retailers/Diamond order only 10 copies, Robyn and I will still print this book, because we believe in our fans. But if orders and sales are low, this will be our Hindenberg."

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