Stranger Things Teases New Characters for Season Two

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Netflix's surprise summer hit "Stranger Things" scored a second season earlier this week, and now new details about the upcoming sophomore season have been revealed. Executive Producer Shawn Levy recently confirmed to the Hollywood Reporter that there will be a handful of new additions, all of different ages, to the "Stranger Things" cast.

Executive producers Ross and Matt Duffer recently revealed that the show would add new characters, thus creating new dynamics not seen in the first season. Levy added to those comments, saying that the emphasis of the "Stranger Things" creative team would be on "servicing the core [characters] first and foremost."

The three characters’ names have been announced already as Max, Billy and Roman. In the case of Roman, the details are thinnest. The Duffer Bros. haven’t yet specified the character's gender, only that they will be 30 to 38 years old, will have had a disturbed upbringing -- which included growing up homeless -- and suffered some kind of loss early on in life. Roman is looking to avenge whatever loss they suffered as a child.

Max and Billy could be a more interesting pair of new additions, however. Max, a 13 year-old girl, has a complicated relationship with her stepbrother Billy, which has made her tough and cautious beyond her years. Unlike Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Will and their beloved bikes, Max rides everywhere on her skateboard.

Billy, on the other hand, is a much more intense character -- in as much as he’s muscular, likes drinking games and drives a black Camaro. Billy seems to be the ‘typical Jock’ type. However, in what is rapidly becoming a "Stranger Things" trademark twist, the innocence of '80s nostalgia is warped into something more dangerous. In the case of Billy, we see that he’s not just an over-confident square-jaw, he’s a violent bully and those closest to him are often the victims of his anger. It looks like Hawkins high school is about to meet somebody infinitely more "troublesome" than Steve Harrington and his pesky group of spray-can wielding miscreants.

Season two of "Stranger Things" is expected to film in Atlanta from October to April, with season two coming sometime during 2017.

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