Stranger Things Trailer Breakdown: Old Friends, New Foes & Raging Hormones

This July, the eagerly anticipated third season of Stranger Things premieres on Netflix, so it's no surprise that fans have already been analyzing and theorizing about the just-released first trailer. Opening with a focus on the familiar teen misfits of Hawkins, Indiana enjoying their summer vacation in 1985, the group appears to be handling changes within their personal relationships. Of course, by the teaser's end, a new menace rears its ugly head, making this summer one none of the characters are likely to forget.

Below are some of the major takeaways from the trailer and what they may mean for Season 3 of Stranger Things.

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Awkward Homecoming

Strangers Things 3 trailer header

The trailer opens with Dustin returning home from what appears to be a baseball camp, still outfitted in his athletic gear. Dejected that none of his friends seem to be welcoming him back, he greets his pet turtle before noticing all his robotic toys, including an R2-D2 and Optimus Prime, powering themselves up and marching out of his bedroom. Terrified and armed with a can of hair spray, Dustin follows them into his living room where we discover Eleven is using her powers to cause the impromptu parade as part of a surprise coming back party for Dustin.

As the gang shouts their surprise greeting behind Dustin, complete with a small banner, the hair spray-armed teen reacts poorly, much to Lucas' chagrin. The group's close friendship is obviously still at the heart of the show, but even more interesting (and perhaps important) is how Eleven is comfortable in using her powers for something as frivolous as playing a trick on an old friend.

New Status Quo

The Who's Baba O'Riley picks up as the trailer teases what the gang has been up to since we last saw them, nearly two years ago. Billy now works as a lifeguard at the local pool, Sheriff Hopper is dressed in his Miami Vice-best as he appears to be waiting in a fancy restaurant for a date, and Nancy and Jonathan both appear to be working for the local newspaper, the Hawkins Post.

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However, things don't appear to entirely be fun in the sun despite the shift to a summer setting. Neither Nancy nor Jonathan appear to be content, and look visibly positioned apart from each other in their seats. Similarly, Hopper is shown later in the trailer having an emotional conversation with Joyce Byers, pointing out that everything he's been attempting to do has been a conscious effort to keep her safe. And the trailer shows that not even the close-knit main group of friends may not be as tightly connected as they once were, "welcome back from camp" surprises be damned.

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