Stranger Things' Millie Bobby Brown Exits Twitter After Harassment


Stranger Things actor Millie Bobby Brown has been forced to leave Twitter due to harassment.

According to Variety, the 14-year-old actress -- who is perhaps best known for starring as Eleven in Netflix's Stranger Things -- left Twitter after online bullies turned her into a homophobic meme. While many of the tweets directed at the actress have since been deleted, the tweets were said to have tried to label Brown as a violent homophobe by adding homophobic statements and slurs to her photos.

It remains unclear why Twitter users have opted to turn the actress into a homophobic meme. However, some users claim it was started as an "inside joke" among LGBTQ users on Twitter. In a since deleted tweet, one of the people responsible for spreading the memes had this to say: "People getting mad over the Millie Bobby Brown homophobic meme makes me giggle. Most of these memes were made by the gays so don’t worry, Susan!"

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Brown has been very outspoken on Twitter, not only throwing support behind the Parkland shooting victims, but also serving as an advocate for GLAAD’s Together movement. She also has a separate Twitter account -- which has not yet been deactivated -- that she uses to share love and positivity, while also, hopefully, putting an end to bullying: @Milliestopshate. It remains to be seen if Brown, who has been very open with her fans on social media, will take to using the secondary account full-time or if she'll steer clear of the social media site for some time.

Brown's decision to leave the social media platform comes shortly after Star Wars actress Kelly Marie Tran deleted all of her social media accounts following months of harassment.

Brown, who is set to star in Warner Bros. Godzilla: King of the Monsters, is currently filming the third season of Stranger Things for Netflix.

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