Stranger Things is Reimagined as a Delightfully '80s Video Game

One thing largely absent from Netflix's summer sensation "Stranger Things" is much mention of video games, which is somewhat surprising given that the sci-fi horror series is set in 1983.

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Fortunately, the CineFix team has fixed that with a nostalgic 8-Bit Cinema interpretation of what "Stranger Things" might have looked like as an '80s RPG game -- complete with a chiptune rendition of the show's haunting theme music. WARNING: The video is chock-full of spoilers.

Despite its brevity and obvious limitations, the 8-bit version of "Stranger Things" doesn't skimp on many details: The waffles, the toy Millennium Falcon and the waffles are all there. Oh, and of course the Demogorgon, which here is as cute as it is menacing.

Sadly, the game as depicted doesn't exist ... at least not yet. Maybe this is something else for Netflix to consider financing ahead of "Stranger Things" Season 2?

The second season is expected to film from October to April in Atlanta, and introduce a handful of new characters to the mix, including tough and cautious 13-year-old Max and her Camaro-driving stepbrother Billy, as well as the 30-something Roman, who's looking to avenge a loss he suffered in childhood.

"Stranger Things" will air sometime in 2017 on Netflix.

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