Stranger Things is Getting the Funko Pop! Treatment

Having a hard time waiting for the second season of "Stranger Things"? So is Funko, which is releasing an extensive series of vinyl figures based on the hit Netflix series as part of its Pop! line.

Typically, a television series will receive a few figures of the most popular characters, with maybe a variant or two. However, someone at Funko must really love "Stranger Things," because it's getting 10 figures.

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Entertainment Weekly has the first look at the toys, which include not one version of Eleven but three: There's the Eggo-wielding, nose-bleeding version of course, and there's also a blonde wig variant (also with Eggos but sans nose bleed), and then one featuring Hawkins' favorite psychic in her diving helmet, ready to enter the traumatic sensory-deprivation chamber.

For fans desperate for #JusticeForBarb, Funko has you covered. The breakout favorite of the cast has huge glasses, and her vinyl freckles are somehow really cute.

All of the boys are getting figures, too: Mike with his walkie-talkie, Dustin with his signature hat and his compass, Lucas with his awesome bandanna and binoculars, and Will with his goofy '80s haircut. If you prefer Will to be traumatized (or if you're just a completist), there's also an Upside Down variant of Will, looking practically zombified.

Finally, there's the Demogoron. There are two photos of the Demogorgon -- one in a monstrous repose, the other with its alien mouth wide open. The two pictures share a series number (428), so it's unclear whether these are two variant figures, or if the monster's mouth can somehow articulate.

If you were waiting for Joyce, Jonathan, Nancy, Chief Hopper or another one of your favorite "Stranger Things" character,s you'll need to keep waiting for a second series of vinyl figures. In the meantime, these will all be available in early 2017.

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