Stranger Things' Barb Returns & Rants In Tonight Show Sketch

Stranger Things Fallon

If you've finished Netflix's surprise summer hit series "Stranger Things," then odds are you were left with one burning -- and spoilery -- question. No, not "Wouldn't eating frozen waffles right out of the box make you sick?" The real question is: "Where is Barb?" Nancy's best friend (and surprise breakout character) Barb also got dragged to the Upside Down by the Demogorgon, but everyone not named Nancy kinda forgot her in their quest to rescue Will. Well, in this sketch from Jimmy Fallon's "Tonight Show," Barb is back and she's angry.

In the sketch, which features A.D. Miles in the soon-to-be-iconic "granny glasses" and "librarian blouse," Barb reads the adventurous kids the riot act for leaving her stuck in an alternate dimension with slugs crawling out of her mouth.

Whether or not Barb will be seen in "Stranger Things" season two remains to be seen. But this sketch sure does point out one dangling plot thread that fans -- and Barb cosplayers -- would love to see tied up.

You can stream "Stranger Things" on Netflix now.

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