Family Fusion: 16 Strange Facts About Dragon Ball's Vegito And Gotenks

In Dragon Ball, there are two main methods of fusion: the fusion dance an the potara earrings. The fusion dance, as the name implies, is a dance done by two individuals that fuses them together for a short period of time. The potara earrings are earrings worn by the gods that fuse two people into one far more powerful warrior. Both forms of fusion were introduced in the Buu saga of Dragon Ball Z, giving us two new characters, Gotenks and Vegito. Gotenks was the fusion between Goten and Trunks, while Vegito was a fusion of Goku and Vegeta.

All this seems pretty straight-forward, right? Well, straightforward for a world as crazy as Dragon Ball, but still, nothing too confusing or strange going on, right? Well... Fusion as a concept is actually pretty strange, and in turn it has created two of the most interesting characters in the franchise. Vegito is the fusion of the father of Goten and the father of Trunks, the two halves of Gotenks, which makes the fusion family tree very hard to follow. But, this isn't the only weird trivia about these two fusion characters, and we've got 16 more strange facts about Vegito and Gotenks for you right here.

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As we just mentioned, there are two types of fusion, and the potara method is the superior of the two. Where the fusion dance only lasts 30 minutes and only multiplies the power of the fused several times over, the potara fusion multiplies the power of the two fusing warriors even more and lasts forever... or does it? See, an interesting fact about Vegito is that he was almost a permanent character in the sense that Goku and Vegeta believed the potara would keep them fused for the rest of their lives.

We say "believed" because this is what Goku thought would happen based on the Old Kai's words. However, the fusion actually only lasts forever if the two fusees are Supreme Kais, for everyone else it will only last an hour. This was retconned into the franchise in Dragon Ball Super when Vegito fought against Zamasu.


Before Vegito and Potara fusion came into the picture, the fusion dance and the warrior that resulted from it was thought to be the only type of fusion, thus the most powerful. This assessment is a sound one, since looking at Gotenks, it's hard to believe a more powerful form of fusion exists. The reason we say this is because Gotenks is able to go Super Saiyan 3, a feat that neither Goten or Trunks were able to do on their own.

Because of the massive power boost that results from fusion, as well as all the training Goten and Trunks did, Gotenks was able to achieve a form that had only just been introduced, making them the second and only canon character to go Super Saiyan 3. The trade off of this is that SS3 drains their power and cuts the fusion time short.


Back to the topic of the time limit of Vegito's fusion. As we mentioned, Goku and Vegeta believed it would last forever, but they managed to come out of it with their bodies separated and back to normal. Of course, this was only after Vegito was absorbed by Super Buu and the two warriors found themselves inside the villain's strange and mysterious body.

In fact, Buu's body raises a question about Vegito's fusion, was it the time limit that separated the two or was it the magical and unknown nature of Buu's body? The easy answer is that it was the time limit, but let's not forget that the one hour time limit for non-kai users of the potara earrings wasn't added (thus retconned) into the franchise until Super, which means either could be the correct answer.


Gotenks has quite the ego, he flew off to fight Buu the first time successfully fused and was arrogant beyond belief. But, neither Goten nor Trunks act similarly, so why does their fusion have such an eccentric personality? Well, the basic answer is that Gotenks' personality is a combination of both Trunks' mischievousness and Goten's whiny, dramatic attitude.

The long answer is that, while Gotenks' personality is a combination of Goten and Trunks, it is also a result of the massive power increase created from the fusion. Because of how powerful Gotenks is, Trunks' personality shines through, since he now has the power to back up his ego. Furthermore, Gotenk's flair comes from Goten's dramatic tendencies that are only amplified by the increased power.


One of the other differences between fusion dance fusion and potara fusion is the clothes that they wear. With fusion dance fusions, the resulting warrior wears the clothes of the aliens that created the technique, the Metamorans. These are the clothes that Gotenks wears and the clothes that the non-canon Gogeta wears. With potara fusion, however, the clothes that the fusion wears are, like the warrior themselves, a combination of the fusees' outfits.

We see this in the outfit that Vegito wears when he first appears. This outfit combined elements of Goku's signature orange gi and Vegeta's tank top jumpsuit, as well as his boots and gloves. However, there is something strange about this rule, since in Dragon Ball Super, Vegito wore the same outfit as he did in the Buu saga despite the fact that Vegeta was dressed differently.


Because of Trunks' arrogance and Goten's dramatic flair, Gotenks is quite the eccentric, cocky warrior. This, combined with the fact that Gotenks is the fusion of two imaginative kids, is the reason that Gotenks' move set is beyond weird. The childish creativity of both Trunks and Goten has resulted in some of the strangest attacks in the entire Dragon Ball franchise, each being just as destructive as they are weird.

Of all the explosive and one-off attacks, perhaps the strangest of them all is his Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack, which is exactly what it sounds like. The attack consists of Gotenks spitting up a ghost version of himself which then flies into an enemy or tricks them into touching it, causing it to explode to devastating effects. Seriously, how did he come up with this one?


One of the biggest head-scratchers about Goku and Vegeta's potara fusion is his name. We're not exactly sure what the criteria for naming a fusion is, or if there are different rules for potara vs. the fusion dance, but the general idea is that fusions' names are a combination of the fusee's names, which is why "Vegito" was so confusing... at least to American audiences.

See, in Japan, Goku's Saiyan name, Kakarot, is pronounced "Kakarotto," so when combined with the Japanese version of Vegeta's name "Bejita" you get "Bejito," which, becomes "Vegito," in english. The fusion name makes perfect sense in the original Japanese version of the series, but it didn't quite work in the English language. In fact, some translations attempted to fix this issue by spelling Vegito's name as "Vegeto," and claiming that the suffix comes from reversing the last two letters of "Kakarot."


Goku and Vegeta are not the only users of potara fusion seen within the series. The Old Kai himself, who gave Goku his potara earrings, got his old appearance and magical power when a witch accidentally stole one of his earrings, causing them to fuse. Another potara fusion was Kibito Kai, who was formed when Shin and his attendant, Kibito fused to show how Potara fusion worked.

The fusion dance, on the other hand, has only been used by two people within the canon of Dragon Ball Z. Trunks and Goten are the only characters in the Dragon Ball franchise to use the fusion dance, making Gotenks the only successful fusion dance fusion. Yes, Goku and Vegeta created Gogeta in Fusion Reborn, but that was a movie and doesn't actually take place in the canon, neither does Gogeta's appearance in Dragon Ball GT. 


As mentioned, when two warriors fuse using the potara, it combines their power then multiplies it quite a bit, even more than the fusion dance does. Because of this power up, Vegito was easily the most powerful character within all of Dragon Ball Z. With the combine strengths of the two most powerful warriors on Earth and then some, the potara fusion of Vegeta and Goku did exactly what it was supposed to, create a fighter strong enough to defeat Super Buu.

In fact, when the two characters first fused, the resulting warrior was shown being able to completely overpower Super Buu without even going Super Saiyan. Then, when they did go Super Saiyan, Buu didn't stand a chance against their combined power. However, Buu got the upper hand by using a sneak attack to absorb Vegito, which was the only reason they lost.


Gotenks was never seen in Dragon Ball GT or in the epilogue of Dragon Ball Z, which was kind of disappointing to some fans of the character. The reason that some found this disappointing is that, since we've seen what Trunks looks like as a teenager, some viewers wanted to see what Gotenks would look like as well.

While we didn't get to see this in Dragon Ball Super or any other future, canon versions of the franchise, we did get to see it in a video game. In Dragon Ball Heroes, we get to see an adult version of Gotenks, which is just as awesome as you might think. Pictured above, adult Gotenks looks a lot like his younger self, but with addition of Trunks' sword and some other cool updates.


Vegito Spirit Sword Dragon Ball

In Dragon Ball Super, fans were amazed by Goku Black's God Split Cut technique, which used ki to form a blade that could cut with deadly precision. As cool as this attack is, it's not actually the first time we've seen a move like it. The first Dragon Ball Z character to exhibit to such a technique was actually Vegito in his fight again Super Buu.

During this battle, Vegito broke out an attack that was able to cut off Buu's head-tail (tentacle?) with a blade made of energy. This attack was called the Spirit Sword, and it came out years before we ever saw Goku Black and Zamasu use the attack for evil, murderous purposes. In fact, we actually saw Vegito use it against Fused Zamasu in Dragon Ball Super.


The fusion dance it somewhat difficult. Though it appears simple, there are a few details that are hard to nail, especially for two kids. Because of this, Goten and Trunks didn't get the dance right during their first attempts, leading to two failed versions of Gotenks, neither of which were capable of fighting Buu.

The first failure was known as "Fat Gotenks," who was overweight and did not have the energy to do more than a few attacks. The second failed fusion was Skinny Gotenks, who appeared to be just skin and bones, barely able to move in his decrepit state. The funniest part about these failed fusions is that they occurred because of small mishaps during the fusion dance like an incorrect pose or hand shape.


Here's a fun one, did you know that Vegito was turned into candy? During his fight against Super Buu, Vegito "achieved a new form" when the villain turned him into coffee-flavored candy using magic. Buu did this so he could eat and absorb Vegito, but what he thought was a smart move ended up putting him at a huge disadvantage.

In this candy form, Vegito was not as helpless as other people who had been turned into candy (or other food) by Buu, he was still as strong and powerful in this form as he was normally. In fact, he actually had a huge advantage by being a piece of candy, his size. Because of his small size, candy Vegito was able to move much faster than before and was also harder for Buu to hit, making him a tough opponent who was able to do some serious damage.


Gotenks is very arrogant, we already covered this as well as the reason behind it. We also mentioned that this arrogance caused Gotenks t0 run off and fight Buu before he was ready. After his first successful fusion, Gotenks thought we was powerful enough to take on Majin Buu, but Piccolo disagreed, still wanting Goten and Trunks to try the fusion again as Super Saiyans.

Gotenks was having none of this, however, and immediately flew off to take on Majin Buu, which didn't end super well. If the above image wasn't enough to illustrate this, then we'll elaborate. When Gotenks fought Majin Buu, it was almost completely one-sided as Gotenks got his tail completely whooped. However, this didn't deter the fusion's ego, since even as a Super Saiyan, he was just as arrogant.


An interesting aspect of fusions it the move set they come up with. We already mentioned the strange and eccentric attacks that Gotenks came up with, so let's look at Vegito's techniques. Vegito seems to be able to both use the techniques of both Goku and Vegeta as well as combinations of them, which is why we've seen him use both instant transmission as well as a combination attack known as the Final Kamehameha, both of which were shown in Dragon Ball Super.

Vegito also has a few original moves that are not combinations, like the aforementioned Spirit Sword. Some of Vegito's other original moves include the Banshee Blast, the Spirit Cannon and the Savage Strike, the last of which debuted in the Goku Black saga.


Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks is easily one of the strongest characters in the entire Dragon Ball franchise. He might not have defeated Buu as intended, but he was still able to match his power, the proof of this came when the two finally faced off. In order to trap Buu in the hyperbolic time chamber, the door to the dimension was destroyed, but it didn't work, since Buu was able to scream a hole in the dimension and escape.

This also left Gotenks and Piccolo trapped in the hyperbolic time chamber, but Gotenks unleashed his Super Saiyan 3 form, which was apparently able to match Buu's power. The proof of this came when SS3 Gotenks screamed his own dimensional tear to allow Piccolo and himself to escape and stop Super Buu.

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