Strange Adventures Art May Reveal Adam Strange's Co-Star

A panel from artist Evan "Doc" Shaner may reveal Adam Strange's co-star in DC Comics' upcoming Strange Adventures series.

Once Tom King wraps up his run on Batman, the writer will move on to Strange Adventures with artists Mitch Gerads and Shaner. The series stars space adventurer Adam Strange -- and, if this new piece of artwork is any indication, perhaps Swamp Thing as well.

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On Twitter, Shaner revealed a panel where Adam Strange shakes hands with Swamp Thing. In a recent interview, King explained that the upcoming series will not center on Adam Strange, but feature a co-star alongside the space-faring hero.

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"It's about Adam Strange and another character and the other character hasn't been announced because it's a twist in the first issue," King teased. "So, Adam Strange is only the co-star of this book in the same way Mister Miracle is the co-star with Barda. We haven't announced the other character, but it's someone different and someone who wants to come in. We have hints. If you look closely at Heroes in Crisis and Mister Miracle and a little bit in Batman, you could figure it out."

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However, Heroes in Crisis points to a very different co-star adventuring alongside Strange in the series: Mr. Terrific. In the very panel from Crisis where Strange makes a brief appearance, Michael Holt can be found as well. Fans will surely delve back into Heroes in Crisis and Batman to try to deduce which character may star alongside Adam Strange in Strange Adventures, but Shaner may have beaten everyone to the punch.

Strange Adventures by Tom King, Evan Shaner and Mitch Gerads launches in 2020 from DC.

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