Straight for the art | Tom Neely's Post-It Notes

I'll see your miniature Marvels by Zack Soto and raise you Tom Neely's Corpse Paint Post-It Portraits, a series of tiny oil-paint pen pictures of metal musicians known for sporting pancake make-up. Like Soto's series, these were created for Giant Robot's 4th annual Post-It show, featuring sticky little art by Jeffrey Brown, Jaime Hernandez, Paul Hornschemeier, Johnny Ryan, Hellen Jo, Lilli Carre, Anders Nilsen, Eleanor Davis, Vanessa Davis, Matt Furie, Nicholas Gazin, Leif Goldberg, Tim Hensley, and dozens of other artists. (Hey, when they're drawing that small, you can fit plenty!) I got a feeling we'll be seeing plenty of post-it posts before all is said and done. (Via Neely's blog)

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