Straight for the art | The Monster Squad by Lou Romano

Fred Dekker's 1987 cult-classic kids' horror-comedy The Monster Squad is like a mash-up between the classic Universal Studios monsters and The Goonies. Boasting killer creatures courtesy of the legendary Stan Winston and filled with non sequitur catchphrases ("Creature stole my Twinkie," "Mummy came in my house," "My name...is Horace," and of course "Wolfman's got nards"), it's also edgy enough to never get off the ground if it had been made in this hyper-niche-oriented demographically tested era of moviemaking. (Yeah, I'm not optimistic about the remake.)

Despite being a relative newcomer to the Squad, illustrator and sculptor Lou Romano is making up for lost time by crafting this lovely suite of portraits of the movie's monstrous stars: Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, the Wolf Man, the Gill Man, and the Mummy. Click here to see all five at full size from the comfort of your living room at 666 Shadowbrook Road or wherever you may reside.

(via Sam Walker)

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