Straight for the art | The Bridgewater, NJ, PBA Benefit Auction Gallery

Wow. Cartoonist Evan Dorkin, whose "Villains of Marvel" piece you can see above along with art by George Pérez, Scott Kolins, Jim Cheung, and Mark Chiarello, brings our attention to this killer selection of original art, soon to be auctioned off to benefit the Bridgewater, New Jersey, Policeman's Benevolent Association #174.

In addition to the aforementioned artists, the auction gallery includes work by (deep breath) Mike Allred, Sergio Aragones, Brian Bolland, Mark Buckingham, Travis Charest, Howard Chaykin, Cliff Chiang, Frank Cho, Alan Davis, Terry Dodson, Juan Doe, David Finch, Matt Fraction, Bo Hampton, Scott Hampton, Tony Harris, Dean Haspiel, Stuart Immonen, Phil Jimenez, Michael Wm. Kaluta, Erik Larsen, Steve Lieber, Mike McKone, Steve McNiven, Terry Moore, Rags Morales, Dustin Nguyen, Michael Avon Oeming, Brandon Peterson, Ivan Reis, Paolo Rivera, Stan Sakai, Tim Sale, Walt Simonson, Joe Sinnott, Ryan Sook, Billy Tan, Philip Tan, Matt Wagner, and Bill Willingham -- and I promise you that that barely even scratches the surface. Go and look at the full-sized versions, and bid next month!

(Via Tom Spurgeon)

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