Straight for the Art: 'Swallowing the Earth'

DMP will be publishing one of "God of Manga" Osamu Tezuka's more interesting and perhaps controversial works, Swallowing the Earth, in June, and they've got a 25-page preview of the manga up on TezukainEnglish.com. Here's a brief synopsis of the plot:

One of Tezuka's most adult series, Swallowing the Earth treats the use of female sexuality as a weapon, and the abuses of women in human history. Zephyrus, a mysterious, icy seductress, uses her power over men to snare them into aiding her scheme to overthrow the world order in order to avenge the wrongs done to womankind over the course of history. The only one immune to her charms is young Seki Gohonmatsu, a Neanderthal-like perpetually-drunken sailor whose only goal is to drink all the liquor in the world, a crass parallel to Zephyrus' schemes to swallow the Earth with her revenge.

So, yeah. There's nothing exceptionally R-rated at the link, but depending on where you're employed, you may want to consider it NSFW.

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