Straight for the art | Steve Seeley's "The Creature"

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Now here's a different kind of comic book art: In this case, the comic books are the canvas. Behold artist Steve Seeley's "The Creature," a series of paintings created atop multiple copies of UFO Flying Saucers #5, a Gold Key/Whitman comic from February 1975. (You can see the originals here and here.) Each painting reinterprets the original image, swapping its robot-alien creature for everything from monkey-octopus hybrids to the Easter Bunny. We've included a few of our faves above to give you an idea of what Seeley's up to, but there are 29 paintings in all dating back to 2004, so be sure to visit the full gallery at Seeley's site.

(Via Ryan "Agent M" Penagos.)

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