Straight for the art | Sean Murphy's Wolverine Alphabet (and more)

As we noted the other day, Vertigo has expanded the upcoming Grant Morrison/Sean Murphy series Joe the Barbarian from six issues to eight. Looking at Murphy's deviantart account, it's not hard to see why. Among the visual delights therein are letters A through H of a Wolverine Alphabet, featuring the Ol' Canucklehead and friends kickin' it Sesame Street style. (Unsurprisingly, the set has Marvel editors beating a path to the DC-exclusive artist's door.)

The gallery also includes page after luscious page of Murphy's work on Hellblazer, a few Joe the Barbarian preview pages, and random other goodies, from a recreation of the poster for Easy Rider starring Wolverine and Banshee in place of Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda to the below image of all of Murphy's childhood heroes one one team. No wonder Vertigo veterans Paul Pope, Cameron Stewart, and Jock have all been tweeting Murphy's praises.

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