Straight for the art | Kelley Jones' Great Pumpkin

Zack Smith, who writes for Newsarama and Independent Weekly, sent over this awesome Great Pumpkin art that Kelley Jones drew for him in 2001. Marc McKenzie colored it.

"It was for a humor piece I wrote featuring the by-now-old gag of the Pumpkin being a demon and wreaking havoc," Smith said in an email. "The only gags I recall as semi-entertaining were Linus getting sucked through a time vortex and winding up in 'Army of Linus,' and a bit where the Pumpkin caused horrible things to happen in other comic strips (Dolly in THE FAMILY CIRCUS needs an exorcist to get rid of 'Not Me,' FUNKY WINKERBEAN is...the exact same depressing strip it always is). I was 21. It seemed funny at the time."

Thanks for sending it over, Zack!

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