Straight for the art | Joe Quesada's <i>Amazing Spider-Man #593</i> cover

I'm sure by now you've visited the Cup O' Joe page that went up last Friday on Comic Book Resource (How could you miss that gigantic banner?) and maybe already have questions for Joe Quesada. But one of the other cool features the new mini-site will include is Cup O' Doodles, a glimpse at some of the sketches and artwork the Marvel E-i-C does when he isn't, y'know, running the Marvel universe. Right now you can check out a column by Joe on the making of the cover to Amazing Spider-Man #593, pictured above.

And as long as we're talking about Cup O' Joe, congrats to Jonah, Kiel and the rest of the CBR gang on the big announcement, and welcome to CBR, Joe!

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