Straight for the art | Hulk manga!

And not just any Hulk manga, but Hulk manga written by Lone Wolf and Cub author Kazuo Koike, with Yoshihiro Morifuji handling the art. I'll let David Brothers, who found this gem, explain a little bit:

From what I and my lovely assistants managed to figure out of the story, it stars Dr. Araki, survivor of Hiroshima. Both of his parents died in the blast, and he’s come to Nevada to work on the gamma bomb. General Ross, Major Talbot, and Igor retain their names, but Rick Jones has been turned into Ricky Tenda. He’s got a Japanese mom and an American dad. Betty Ross is now Mitsuko, though Dr. Araki calls her Mitchan.

Lots more art over at the link. Someone really needs to try to translate this.

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