Straight for the art | HeroesCon sketches

Several artists have shared some of the sketches they did while at HeroesCon last weekend ... let's take a look:

Chris Samnee, artist of The Mighty, shares this killer Rom sketch someone pre-ordered before the con. I had a hard time deciding whether to feature that one or this one featuring Daredevil fighting Swamp Thing.

(I mean, why would Daredevil fight Swamp Thing? Why would Daredevil be in a swamp in the first place? So many questions for a future Marvel vs. DC crossover ...)

This Batman/Catwoman one he did for the auction is also a thing of beauty. Go check out his blog for more.

Moving on, Jason Latour draws Devil Dinosaur taking on Superman ...

Speaking of questions that need to be answered in a future Marvel vs. DC crossover. Seriously, Marvel and DC ... patch things up, then mash up the ideas behind Strange Tales MAX and Bizarro Comics into one mini-series or hardcover or whatever where guys like Latour and Samnee can draw the rest of these fight scenes. I'll buy multiple copies.

OK, moving on ... Cliff Chiang shares several sketches he did, including Amethyst:

Roger Langridge said he received a lot of requests for Doctor Who/Muppet mash-ups:

And Steve Epting, naturally, did some Cap sketches, among others:

And finally, Rachelle at Living Between Wednesdays shares many of the sketches she received at the con, including this one by Fred Chao:

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