Straight for the art: Alt-comix trading cards

AdHouse publisher Chris Pitzer has put up a Flickr set of his Alternative Artist Trading Card Series. What exactly is that you ask? I'll let Pitzer explain:

Back in the mid-90's, before AdHouse, I was a grade-A fanboy. As such, I thought up a project where I would send my favorite artists a blank trading card for them to illustrate. I created the back, which had a brief bio, sample art, and more than likely typos. There were three volumes of these cards. And by "volumes" what I would do is make a mini-book of each series that I would then send out to each participant of that volume.

It's an impressive who's who of the then-burgeoning alt-comics scene, including folks like Joe Matt, Xaime Hernandez, Jim Woodring, Evan Dorkin, Jeff Smith and many, many more. The art's rather spiffy too. Chris Ware's in particular is rather eloquent. (via Tom)

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