Stormbreaker: What We Know About Thor's Infinity War Weapon

Following the destruction of Mjolnir in Thor: Ragnarok, it was pretty obvious that Thor would come into possession of a new weapon in time for Avengers: Infinity War. What that weapon would ultimately be has remained a mystery, though evidence had been pointing to the Asgardian wielding Jarnbjorn, a mythic axe the hero's comic book counterpart once utilized in his younger, pre-Avengers days.

Now, a leaked photo of a tie-in toy has revealed that rather the Jarnbjorn, in Infinity War Thor will pick up a weapon called Stormbreaker, which has its own rich comic book history. So rich, it's worth wondering what the presence of Stormbreaker means for Infinity War... and the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Asgardians and Their Weapons

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The Asgardians have a long history when it comes to enchanted weapons. We all know Thor's trusty hammer Mjolnir by now, but there are plenty more that have escaped the Marvel movie gaze until now. Before Thor was deemed worthy, for example, he used the previously mentioned battle axe Jarnbjorn.

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Fear Itself was an entire comic book event revolving around heroes and villains wielding powerful Asgardian weapons, including the mace Thunderstrike, which once powered Eric Masterson, and Ultimate Mjolnir, which just recently helped Volstagg of the Warriors Three become War Thor for a spell.

The name Stormbreaker has a unique legacy within the Marvel Universe because it has become the primary weapon of the alien hero Beta Ray Bill. In the comics, Stormbreaker was created by the Dwarves but was imbued with powers by Odin after Bill was able to defeat his son in battle. Judging by the leaked pictures, Marvel may have decided to go in a very different direction.

Whose Weapon is This?

The revelation that Thor will have a weapon named Stormbreaker is huge, but it also has us wondering whose weapon this will actually be. According to the leaked images, the movie version of Stormbreaker will have a small mallet on one side and a large axe blade on the other. This differs somewhat from the comic book version, which is mainly a hammer with a small cleaver-like blade on the backside.

This version of Stormbreaker looks far more like the Ultimate Mjolnir than any other enchanted weapon we know about. It's hard to image that this weapon came from an Ultimate universe version of the MCU, though, so it's more likely that this will be an amalgamation of several different Asgardian weapons. It may be part-Ultimate Mjolnir and part-Jarnbjorn, with the name Stormbreaker.

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The leak also brings a bit more mystery into the whole equation, considering that this version of the hammer seems to be partly made from Groot's body. According to the packaging of this new weapon, Stormbreaker has a metal head, like Mjolnir, but the handle is made of a tree branch. The toy itself seems to also include a leaf on the handle that could be a button for kids to press in order to trigger a sound byte.

We certainly don't know for sure whether this new hammer is made out of Groot's body, but considering Thor's relationship to the Guardians of the Galaxy in Infinity War, it seems likely. Reports have indicated that the teenage Groot forms a bond with Thor, so he could be instrumental in giving his new friend another weapon.

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